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Crazy Busy Day at the Office -- Birthday Dinner for Carla After Work!

This was a crazy-busy day! Seriously.

It started with a trip to my clinic for me to get fasting labs (several vials of blood, plus urine). Marilyn and I drove directly from there to the office downtown.

Her parking space was available, even with the filming going on. Speaking of the filming, it really barely impacted our office at all. We hardly saw any of the actors.

Marilyn and I went for Starbucks immediately.

The office WAS very busy with constant visits from the public who had come to purchase the glasses we have available for the Eclipse on Monday! We're one of the last places in town -- maybe the entire area (including parts of Washington) -- where people can buy glasses!

Wanda did a GREAT job! She answered all phone calls with her usual festival statement, ending it by saying 'yes, we have eclipse glasses for sale!' And she manned the door and all the glasses sales, too. We nearly a constant line all day long and sold TONS of glasses!

Lilia came by to get glasses to sell at the Rose Garden Store (I helped box up one thousand for her). She'll have them there this weekend.

Our office was only open for sales until 5:00 and will not be open this weekend. We open again Monday morning at 8:00.

Marilyn had a big meaning first thing this morning (a bunch of the directors were in for it). Then she and Jeff had a lunch meeting with JP. I was working on my own things and helping Wanda part of the time. And took a long walk with Tanya as her 'bank buddy' while she took cash to the bank.

I got eggs and a brownie at Starbucks to eat. I had barely eaten yesterday and was hungry today. I took one of my pills for nausea. That food was all I had until late afternoon. (More than I've been eating lately...)

I had to go my insulin in the office (!!!) because I couldn't do it before my labs. And take my daily pills, of course.

KGW TV News came by around 4:00 and interviewed Marilyn (and observed Wanda selling glasses). That was on the news at 11:00 tonight.

Marilyn and I had Carla's birthday dinner at the Tony Starlight Showroom this evening. So we came home and changed (the party theme was Hawaiian), then headed out.

We were at a table with Carol and Brian (her husband) -- and Scott and Heather (Carla's son and daughter-in-law). Dinner and drinks started at 7:00 and ran until well past 10:00 (nearly 11:00). But we did make it in time to see the new show after 11:00!

Gary performed during the show, singing for Carla! He did a great job. I was sobbing the whole time, it was that moving.

I saw I had nearly 10,000 steps for the first time in ages! So I jumped on the treadmill and did just enough to get 10,006 steps. (smile)

After that I was so tired that I sat down and fell asleep right away! I don't even remember doing it. (grin)

I'm not used to that much exercise. And it was just a busy day at both work and going out. Both Marilyn and I were yawning hard by the time we made it home.

She's asleep right now on the sofa in the family room. I woke up and had some coffee (I put a pot on the second we got home as there was none with dinner). Then I posted some photos of tonight on Facebook.

I emailed the photos to myself so I could share them in this blog entry, but my damn email -- CenturyLink -- is half a day behind! I don't get that at all. But we need to start using Comcast soon, I think. I'm sick to death of CenturyLink, which sucks.

I tried just before 11:00 to call sister Sue on her cell phone. We'd told her Marilyn would be on the news so she could watch it. But there was no answer, so I assume she missed it.

I tried to call June and Jim, but they usually go to bed early now.

And I also tried to phone Shari, but didn't reach her.

We have a bunch of glasses here at home to give to family, friends and neighbors. I wish we had some way to get them to Shari and her friends! We're pretty much the last place around here to get them.

Frankly, we're one of the last places in the nation from the sounds of it, having heard there are only a few glasses left anywhere. Can you believe that? We've had the glasses for months now, by the way. They have a really nice design that uses our 2017 theme and colors! And Marilyn was the one who insisted we stick with the price of $1.00, even when we could have raised it. (Lilia is selling them for $2.00!)

Sorry I could share the photos. Maybe later.

Anyway, I'm dying I'm so tired, so I'm off to bed. I need to pop out my contacts first and take my nighttime pills.

I should have picked up my insulin today, but didn't get to it... Little wonder!

And I need to do my pills for next week tomorrow!

Good night! We're pretty excited about our Eclipse Experience event on Monday! Marilyn did a good job discussing it today...
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