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The Little Things Make Me NUTS! Outlook Fix - Restoring the Menu Bar! 
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For several days my Outlook email has been messed up -- YES, AGAIN. Actually, things in Outlook are more likely to be messed up than NOT. Hahaha.

The issue? My 'menu bar' for a NEW (or FORWARD) email had suddenly disappeared! Quite annoying.

Aside: sometimes it's finding how to DESCRIBE the problem that makes it so hard to discover a fix! (sigh) But I digress.

The 'menu bar' is designed to be toggled on or off (really???). Here's the SOLUTION:

Outlook 2007 - RESTORE Menu Bar for New or Forward

If your Menu Bar at the top of a new (or forward) email goes missing:

1. Open a new email. (Or open the email you want to forward to someone.)

2. Double-click on the Message tab to expand the Ribbon.

PLEASE NOTE: CTRL + F1 works to toggle between the expanded and collapsed state. (Give it a try, just to see what I mean!)

If you don't use Outlook, you don't need to know. But many people still use Outlook at home or in the office (I do both). And now if anyone at my office needs to know this 'fix,' I have the steps!

Yeah, yeah. It was an easy fix! But so annoying if you can't reason it out...
August 26, 2017 (Saturday) 02:48 pm (UTC)
I do use Outlook at work, so thanks for the tip!