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Hot Day! More Cleaning, Plus Laundry...

It was a HOT day. I turned the AC on and off and on and off all day long. My goal was NOT to let it get too damn cold in the downstairs. That's such a balancing act.

Right now Marilyn is FREEZING in her office at work. There must be some way to fix that! There's nothing worse than being in a really COLD office on a really HOT day -- I used to deal with it years ago. My boss kept it freezing. Then you'd walk outside for any reason and about die. I even had to wrap sweaters and blankets around my feet and legs I'd get so cold...

Anyway, I don't want to inflict the same thing on her here in our home. Plus I figure it's probably not good to let part of the house get that cold! We have enough issues with dampness in the downstairs as it is.

That means I have to deal with the heat upstairs. I figure tons of people do, as many homes don't have AC at all. But today I'd have enjoyed a fan to blow the air around, I must admit. (smile)

I was doing more cleaning in my bedroom. I have a small bag of things to give to the Goodwill from just today. And I threw out a very large bag of things in the garbage! If I could get rid of even a few things every single day, I imagine it would help in the long run. And right now I have boxes and boxes and bags and bags and bags in the garage waiting to be donated. Plus our garbage was so full this week from my cleaning I thought I'd need to put out an extra bag for sure (I didn't).

I love my bedroom when it's clean and organized! I enjoy spending more time there when that's true. I was even lying on my bed playing with my iPad for a time at one point today. (grin) But sweating! That's the 'hot side' of the house -- which is where my bedroom and our home office are located -- both rooms I spend a lot of time in!

I got the garbage and recycling out rather early (especially for me!) today. Long before Marilyn got home, but as she was quite late that's not saying much. Hahaha. She had yet another huge day with almost no break -- certainly none worth mentioning. She comes home pretty hungry after having no food until 9:00 at night...

Tomorrow we have people from HBO who have 'rented' (leased?) our conference room and areas outside for filming for much of the day. I don't know if that includes Marilyn's parking space or not, honestly...

I have my fasting blood work in the morning -- then we'll head straight to work.

I need to head to bed as it's past 3:00 a.m. right now. (I got up around 2:00 to do the cat boxes, which I hadn't done earlier).

Right now I can barely seem to eat! Everything bothers my tummy. Even taking my pills disturbed me today (I was having them come back up on me). I ate cottage cheese and crackers. And had coffee and a soda. But mostly WATER all day long.

More soon! I want to share about my 'success' online concerning American Ninja Warrior! I was quite surprised today. I'll add that tomorrow...

Sweet dreams, all!
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