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Bedroom -- Medicine Drawer

Even though I have a medicine cabinet in my bathroom, I have a drawer in my dresser in my bedroom that's also for medications (sort of overflows, I guess). That drawer was such a mess that I pulled it out and down on my bed so I could entirely clean it out, which I did. I got rid of around 1/3 of the contents, anyway (including a bunch of old pills). I'm pleased with how that turned out!

My blood results all day long were HIGH for me -- around 150-170 range! I'm not sure why. I've been suffering from vertigo, so that's probably it. I was nauseous today (even after eating cottage cheese!). And my neck is still very stiff and sore. Pain alone can elevate blood sugar, so I guess it could be that... I'm so used to this pain lately that it didn't occur to me earlier today.

I talked to June early on (around 10:00-ish). I'd thought maybe we could get Sue and the three of us could go to lunch (on me). But June wasn't feeling up to it, I'm afraid. She even told me she was 'failing' recently, which is upsetting.

So then I talked to Sue who was disappointed we three couldn't get together. She's frustrated by not having her car and being able to drive and get around. But it's probably for the best.

I asked her to have Candy call, as I had her resume that Marilyn created for her. But later when I talked to her Sue told me Candy came home so tired she went right to bed.

Marilyn had a very, very long day today. She didn't get home until 9:00 p.m. (!!!), poor thing. She's so swamped at work now. She has a HUGE workload right now. It hardly seems fair in August.

I felt pleased to get my bedroom cleaned up, anyway. It was VERY HOT TODAY (!!!), and I was sweating so hard I was soaking wet at one point. I finally showered in the afternoon late and could barely face the hairdryer for the heat in the house.

I also did some laundry (two loads), but have a bunch more to get done.

I still need to pick up my insulin (it's at Riteaid). Marilyn was too late to be able to do that.

They just updated the Kindle App for devices and it's CRASHING like mad! Around two out of every three times you open it, in fact. And sometimes it opens then crashes while you're reading. I did a review to 'report' it -- hopefully they'll fix it soon!

Today was Jeff's birthday. He turned 45 today.

Can't think what else...

Sweet dreams, all.
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