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Cleaning Up the Kitchen! Xfinity On My iPad!

Exciting note: Both Joe Moravsky and Najee Richardson LIKED my Tweets from last night! How cool is that??? I guess I don't ever really expect celebs to respond to Social Media posts. (smile)

Talked to sister Sue today. It's SO NICE having her back home were we can keep in touch!!!

Marilyn and I still need to figure out a bday gift for Jeff. He's not in the office tomorrow, so there was no rush to do it today... (His birthday is tomorrow, though, just for the record.)

I spent most of my day cleaning in the kitchen. Not just cleaning up, but getting rid of things and reorganizing the room. It really turned out nice. I'm very happy with what I got done, anyway.

Yes, I managed to do festival work between being in the kitchen working. There's always festival work to get done, after all...

Kris sent an email about work that needs to be done and I asked appropriate questions to clarify things (timeline, costs, etc.). There's a cost involved, but it must be done. Fortunately it's all pretty reasonable. Between Kris and Donn we save a lot on IT costs (to say nothing of my own contribution, of course).

When Marilyn got home from work (past 7:00), we went and ran some errands. Picked up our prescriptions at Riteaid. Got the car washed (it's going in to be serviced). The car really needed it after our recent drive up the Columbia River Gorge at night -- the wind shield was covered with bugs!!! Stopped at Freddies to get the garbage bags I forgot yesterday (!!!). I also got a squeegee for the car so I could do a better job on the wind shield. The young man at the store was very helpful! They're doing a remodel (again... sigh) of Freddies, so I had to have help to find things. He found the squeegee (I never would have!) and recommended a cleaner, too.

We also picked up food for dinner from McDonald's. We get the meat there, then come home and add cottage cheese and that makes a meal (minus the bread, of course!).

Forgot to mention that I also took out most of the garbage today. And put out food and water for the birds and critters.

I was in quite a bit of pain all day long. I'm having a major STIFF NECK that's part of my vertigo. I took a meclizine in the morning and laid down on my bed for a bit -- Colin came in and had to lie with me. Later in the day Henry was howling for attention, so I had to hold him. Then he did that same howling routine several times after Marilyn got home. Annoying. I don't think he felt well. I held him several more times (interrupting my dinner). He finally settled down...

The cats are older now and need more attention. I try to give it to them, but I think they felt abused when I was cleaning and then while I was out.

Finally, I downloaded the Xfinity App on my iPad, figured out how to log in and was actually USING IT tonight! How fun!!! I can't get over that. Marilyn has watched a lot of movies and TV on her iPad, but I've never really done it much. We haven't 'cut the cord' (as they call it), and I doubt we ever totally will. We still LIKE watching TV, what can I say? If that's old-fashioned of us, so be it.

Did pills for several days, but not the week. (It takes ages!) Good enough for now, anyway.

They didn't have my insulin ready when we went to Riteaid. New pharmacist there who just took his board tests! They should have it for me tomorrow. (I'm not totally out, so it's okay.)

Past time for bed. Good night!

I hope all of you have interesting dreams the way I have been doing recently. So enjoyable!
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