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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Quiet Saturday at Home (No Perseids This Year) 
star, gold star
Today was just a totally quiet day here at home. Marilyn and I never left the house all day.

We ate leftover lasagna from Kris. Yummy. With rye bread.

And we had a couple of pots of coffee during the day. Plus homemade popcorn in the evening, while watching METV shows as we normally do on Saturdays...

We did things on our iPads. We both spend a lot of time using them, that's for sure.

I've been reading 'comfort' books on my Kindle. Parts of the Mary Stewart 'Merlin' novels (I love them more than any other books, I think), and parts of the Mary Renault 'Alexander the Great' novels (which I also love -- mainly "The Persian Boy"). The writing is first-rate. I've read them over and over so many times that I've lost track.

I go back to the Merlin books constantly. Beautifully written, plus the story is so well told. I've read many, many King Arthur novels in my lifetime, but this is my favorite by far.

I had vivid dreams last night/this morning (I slept in very, very late). I was really enjoying these dreams. Incarceration and release dreams, but not like nightmares at all. Just interesting and engaging...

Sometimes when I'm having vivid dreams and I wake up I just lie very still and let myself go back to sleep so I can continue dreaming. I really enjoy several hours of good dreams. (smile)

This weekend is the Perseids Meteor Shower. Tonight (Saturday) was the peak, but the moon was supposed to be a problem -- way too bright. (They're also good tomorrow night, even though past the peak.)

We talked about driving to go see it as we have so many times before and rejected it. Neither one of us felt like making the long ride there. We always go up to Stonehenge over in Washington state. We drive up the Oregon side and generally stop at Biggs Junction before crossing the Sam Hill Bridge over to the site.

We were just up to Biggs Junction recently to go to the Pilot Truck Stop, which we love to do, as well. (grin)

That reminds me! I got dill flavored sunflower seeds at the Pilot, and they were yummy as can be! A truck driver recommended them to me...

The Svengoolie movie was a bit boring tonight, even though it had a very good cast. Dack Rambo was on Wonder Woman.

Well, off to bed now. Sweet (or interesting!!!) dreams, friends!
August 13, 2017 (Sunday) 11:29 am (UTC)
Hope your dreams were good!