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Kris Came for Lunch (and More) -- Set Appointments

Today was about work at the festival office -- and a lunch meeting with Kris.

Marilyn and I made it to work on time -- traffic didn't seem that bad this morning.

Aside: it always makes us both cheerful to listen to The Beatles channel on Sirius Radio while driving to the office!

Coffee with Steven at Starbucks. I love the people there who always know me and are so friendly.

Wanda was lovely today, as always. She's such a wonderful addition to our office!

Kris called to confirm lunch! He had already texted me, as well. He had me nervous that he might have bad news, like he was moving out of state or something...

Lunch (Kris kindly bought) was lovely! Marilyn, Kris and I had Chinese. (I ate the string beans.) We spent only part of the time discussing work.

Then we had a meeting back at the office. Some good ideas for improving our IT policies going forward!!!

Kris had also cooked and made lasagna -- and had asked me on the phone if we'd like to have some. I agree we would and he brought us in a container! How nice of him.

Marilyn and I actually left the office a few minutes BEFORE 5:00 p.m. tonight! Unheard of!!! I'm not kidding! And surprisingly enough, the traffic home really wasn't bad.

I'd gotten an order of crab puffs for lunch that were untouched, so Marilyn and I ate those when we got home. Delicious!

It was so nice to get home before 6:00. I hardly know how to properly express it...

Later we ate the lasagna with rye bread and fresh brewed coffee. It was wonderful! So Kris provided us both lunch AND dinner.

We had a slice of cake we had bought at Safeway (they have nice cake there) that we split for dessert. It was like 'a party' as we always say. (smile)

We got to watch more tennis AND Star Trek (which is always on Fridays). Really a perfect day!!!

I also called and made appointments. My fasting blood test will be 8:45 on Monday morning.

And I see Leslie on Friday, August 25, at 6:30 p.m.

Marilyn was going to set her blood work appointment for Monday, too, but didn't get time before 5:00. Too bad. But another time. As she said, she can do it any morning next week...

Kris may come to our Eclipse Experience event on August 21. I guess we're doing an exclusive pre-event in the office for special invitees. Pancakes and more...

Well, off to bed (it's the middle of the night now and I just woke to blog and take my pills!). I was sleeping soundly before that. Sweet dreams, friends!
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