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More Odds and Ends -- Muggy Damn Day!

I'm sitting here in a total sweat, not for the first time today! The weather is still hot, if not horrible, and very muggy, on top of it. So I sweat and sweat...

Talked to June early today for over an hour -- it was nice.

Can't see where I mentioned working on my plant stand! But I did that, and it was a lot of work and turned out very nice! It needs it maybe every few months or so.

Colin was crying and crying next to his automatic watering thingy today, so I cleaned it out and filled it and he drank, and drank, and drank and drank! (smile) Made him so happy!

Woke up to cat vomit all over the rug by the stairs. What a mess. I guess poor Henry was really sick first thing today. Marilyn told me to keep an eye on him and I did -- but he pretty much forced me to, anyway! Hahaha. Howling more than once and crawling into my lap (!!!) more than once. He is not, as a rule, a lap cat.

Spoke to sister Sue this morning, too. She went to a cribbage night with Larry (can't recall which grassroots club right now) and did quite well! Ended up in the money. And had a good time. But there are a lot of new members and many of them play VERY SLOWLY. Sounds like a problem...

Marilyn had her massage therapy in Roy, Oregon tonight with Amanda. It was ABOUT TIME!!! She hasn't had it in months, which is never good for her. And she had her fall during this dry spell. So I'm glad she did that, finally. But it's hard on her. Amanda really works her body over and it's painful. And she's always very tired afterwards.

I went over to see June and Jim today in their back yard. June has a crafts shed out there that she was working on cleaning up. And Jim was working on the tool shed. A ton of work, poor dears!!!

I took her some pillows we weren't using that I was giving to the Goodwill and the glasses for the eclipse that the festival had made (very cool). So HOT and MUGGY out there. (ugh)

Did the garbage and recycling (it's that night!).

Watched a lot of Rafa playing his match and losing (sigh). I called Sue so she could watch and Larry actually had the kids turn off cartoons so she could see it! She and I talked several times during the final set, anyway, which was nice. Sorry he lost, however! He would have been number one in two weeks... Sad.

Finally did the cat boxes very late. And then washed my hair (I have work in the office tomorrow). And now it's time for bed! Good night!
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