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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Wednesday: A Kind of Odds and Ends Day 
ipad love
I was searching for TWO things today that I know I must still have somewhere. But this recent 'cleaning' has just made it impossible for me to find things I could have WALKED TO prior to the changes! Annoying. I realize the massive cleaning sessions are good. But I'm such a creature of habit. Some things are in spots where they've been since we lived here. Or at least since we GOT the item(s).

Again, I've been an organized person since childhood. Not always perfectly picked up or cleaned, but I know where things go and I keep things there.

Except I've been changing those places. And my memory just isn't what it used to be! So I 'remember' the places I used to know -- and not the new ones. (sigh)

How I wanted to find that one item. It's small. It was the descriptive tag for a gift I got years and years ago. But so pretty. And it told all about this item, which was unusual. And today I wanted to be sure that the item had included both frankincense and myrrh (I'm pretty convinced that's true!). Long story, I'll explain another time. Anyway, I couldn't find that tag for anything. I can't BELIEVE I moved it! Or maybe even (shudder!) tossed it out. (sigh)

And it always seems like right after I toss something like this I suddenly NEED it for one reason or another...

I cleaned off the plant stand in the living room today. What a mess! I just need to do it every so often. Those plants just keep growing. (smile) I had to pull off a hunk of one plant and turn it into two, it was so big. We'll see how that goes. And one had died, so out it went.

I was actually doing some research today on Medicare. Right now I have the Oregon Health Plan, which is frankly AMAZING. It's one of the best reasons to live in the state of Oregon. And I'm pretty convinced that Medicare can't possibly compare. But I need to reason it all out. Because the OHP takes care of my doctor appointments and my medication (except for the many, many supplements I have to take). So it's going to cost money that we're not spending right now... (sigh)

Getting older is a pain in more than one way, obviously.

I really got wrapped up in the fragrance thing, too, today. Aromatherapy is legitimate and it sounds like there's much to be said for using it.

Frankincense has been used since before Biblical times, and has many positive aspects. Smelling it alone can help with stress and anxiety!

The fragrance Marilyn uses all the time has amber and myrrh as two of the ingredients. I love the way it smells when she wears it!

Kris sent me an email about current IT issues. Marilyn and I decided to have lunch with him on Friday (a lunch meeting, in other words). Not sure if I should be including Donn or not...

It's still hot here. But we might have rain on Sunday. In the forecast department, they are now saying we'll have a sunny day for the eclipse, which would be wonderful! The festival is having an event for the occasion -- and even though it falls on a Marilyn Monday, we'll need to be there. Well, we'll WANT to be there, of course!!!

Marilyn got a lot done today, happily! And Jessica was there working with her (a good thing).

Can't think what I'm forgetting to share, so it must not be important! Good night and sleep well.
August 10, 2017 (Thursday) 10:49 am (UTC)
Are you researching Medicare for when you turn 65? Usually, from what I understand about it is, when you are eligible for Medicare, you get Medicare part B ($104 per month out of your social security) and your insurance becomes your secondary. When I turned 65 (because Roy was retired Navy) we went on Tricare for life which cost us more because we paid $104 each instead of the $640 we were paying for Tricare. Medicare and Tricare for life are about as good as it gets as far as healthcare and that is nationally. After some stays in the hospital and well over one million dollars, I have never paid a dime for hospital or Dr. visits.
August 11, 2017 (Friday) 12:43 am (UTC)
The Oregon healthcare sounds very good!