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Friday, Anyone?

Yes, I finally finished my early-morning entry for this past Friday, talking all about Thursday of this week. About time it was done! (sigh)

Considering I've had computer issues since Tuesday, it's amazing I've managed what I have, really... (Which puts me way behind at LJ -- especially commenting to friends and answering comments -- but it can't be helped, I guess.)

I was supposed to go to work on Friday, but stayed home for both poor Scarlett (who had a rough time on Thursday with her first encounter with Nicole and then her first visit to the vet) and my poor computer. Yes, it was in the shop for the entire day again! (Donn did his best to get it back to me by Thursday night, but the job took longer than anticipated.)

I also spent much of Friday at my neighbor's house, working on both of their computers.

Let's just say this hasn't been the easiest day ever for me and computers! (smile)

I count myself lucky that I know as much about computers as I do, however little that may be...

So late Friday I started the onerous project of entirely reinstalling all my software (and hardware) back on my computer, which I've continued on and off today... (I'll update as I go along -- but more for myself than any of you, as the list is boring at best!)

The best change to my computer was the upgrade to one gig of RAM! That should make using my graphics softwares much easier in the future! Once they're installed again, that is! (grin)

Donn also wants me to buy an external USB hard drive. I can then 'ghost' much (all?) of my dual hard drives to this once a week, insuring against future potential crashes. (Which always seem to happen to me!) Looks like that's probably going to happen...

So far I've got my browsers back up and running, all my Windows XP updates done (which takes forever!) and have installed a few (very few) other softwares. This happily includes Zuma, however! (Which I've played a bit today. One cannot stick with computer work for too long without a break here and there!)

If any of you want a better computer clock, by the way, I highly recommend TClockEx (version v1.4.2), by Dale Nurden. It's one of those freeware gems out there that I feel people can't live without!

It was BEAUTIFUL weather here in Portland today -- just like a summer day! (Seriously.) I've no idea what the high temperature was today, but it was totally blue skies and hot. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I took a short drive up the Columbia River Gorge.

We stopped to shop at Wal-Mart (yes, we love it) -- and got some good clothing buys -- along with a few Easter goodies that were 75% off! (Not candy, of course -- but some baskets and egg coloring kits that will hold over nicely for next year...)

I got a new white top that's lightweight and comfy -- and can be worn with the uniform. (Yes, it's that time of year when we like to buy slacks and tops that can be worn with the uniform...)

Today was our third dinner of spaghetti and meat balls, served up with garlic toast! (And I shared a container with the neighbors, too, something I love to do.) Yummy!

Last night we watched the movie "Walking Across Egypt," (see an interesting review here) a really engaging film featuring Ellen Burstyn and Jonathan Taylor Thomas (with Mark Hamill in a good character role). We actually bought the video on sale years back (this is a 1999 film), but never watched it. (grin) It was playing on cable and we just happened across it and turned it on...

(Yes, another night were we didn't go to bed until close to dawn!)

Back to installing computer software, I guess! (smile)

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