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Saturday: Patio Party

The heat wave broke a bit today, with temperatures under 100', thankfully! Today was our annual Patio Party at the Rose Building (where Marilyn and I work downtown). People purchased tickets for this event at our Auction for $100 per person -- Marilyn and I have bought it more than once, but never attended it before. The theme was western, and Marilyn and I had fun coming up with our outfits.

This is a sample of photos from the event.

Photo Share!
[click photo to see larger version]

Some of these didn't turn out that great, by it was far from ideal circumstances. Still, it was fun to grab some visual moments...

Robert and Charlie
This is Robert and me. He's a board member and former President. And renowned for his barbecue! He cooked the meat.

This is our friend, Marcia. Marilyn has lunch with her every month. She's a former President (2001 - the year I was knighted). She and Marilyn have had many adventures together!

Aisha and Kezia
This is Aisha (Carol's daughter) and Kezia (Steven's daughter). Carol and Steven were working the event, and so did Aisha and Kezia. We've known Aisha since she was in the womb (literally). Kezia is heading off to college in Boston soon. Both are amazing girls!

Ebony and Erica
Ebony and Erica, Leslie's daughters (I don't have a photo of Leslie here, but she's a board member, former President and close friend - and she did all the other cooking besides the meat). (Erica is a former Princess.)

A photo of part of the crowd. I think I heard there were 30 people attending (seemed like more!).

Allison was helping with the event (she's a seasonal employee this year).

Ebony and Marilyn
Ebony with Marilyn

We four were showing off our cute boots!

Lauren, Charlie, Adam, Marilyn
Lauren, Charlie (me), Adam and Marilyn, in our western gear. (Adam will be the next Prime Minister of the Royal Rosarians.)

There were many other close friends either attending or working. I can't believe I didn't upload many more photos...

Also, we had an extra ticket. Originally Adeena was going with us -- but she got sick and couldn't go. It was too bad, as we haven't seen her in ages. We've barely even texted with her all summer...

Then we decided it would be fun to invite June to fill, even though it was very last minute. But she wasn't feeling well, either. (I think she would have loved meeting Marcia...) We have seen quite a bit of June lately, though, I'm glad to say.

We finally tired inviting Jeff to go. But he'd been doing a bunch of chores and was worn out and just didn't feel like it. It's hard to invite people at the last minute, so we understood.

But it was a shame we couldn't find anybody to use the final ticket...

It was a nice event, with nearly perfect weather. People had a good time visiting and enjoying the drinks and food.

We were both worn out when we got home. Those boots are pretty, but VERY uncomfortable! And we were on our feet much of the time.

We got out of our clothes and started watching METV as we always do on Saturday night. Svengoolie had a western vampire movie!

I can't believe I'm awake late enough to be watching The Partridge Family. Haha. I still like the songs, believe it or not. (It's nearly 5:00 a.m.)

I need to catch up the missing days when I didn't blog...

Oh, and I finally did my pills tonight. About time.

Got a nice long email from Shari that I answered today. I like that she almost always keeps in touch.

Can't think what I'm forgetting.

Time to get some sleep!

(Wrote this on my iPad, please forgive any errors.)
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