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Hot, Hot Summer Day!

This was a hot, hot summer day...

Here's how it works at our house. Very odd, I admit!

It's far too hot to be upstairs, even with the air conditioning on. Here's WHY: the AC can't begin to cool the upstairs, which is full of windows (especially the living room, kitchen and office). Most of the cold air blows into the lower level of the house. We don't want the upstairs to get too hot for several reasons, so we let the air conditioning run most of the time. This means it actually gets TOO COLD in the downstairs!

So we stay downstairs, but have to be under blankets to be comfortable. We were both complaining today about our COLD FEET! That's why on one of the hottest days of the year, Marilyn and I were shivering under blankets. Crazy, huh?

It's an older house and the vents weren't done correctly. Oh well. I suppose it's better to be chilly than dying of the heat. But it is weird!

And we do have to go upstairs part of the time, where it's still really hot! Our kitchen is up there, after all... So we spend our day being both too hot and too cold. Not good. But we're surviving.

The important thing is to try and stay hydrated and to get some food in (we didn't eat much today).

So we watched TV and played on our iPads -- under blankets much of the time.

I did go outside to make sure there was water for the critters and birds. And put some food out.

Plus I actually had to DO SOME WORK in the office at my computer for part of the day! (ugh) Wow, was that uncomfortable in the heat! But it was supposedly a big deadline for the Rose Garden Store website. I can't even bring myself to go into the details right now, because the whole thing was a big waste of time! Good grief.

Marilyn and I watched the movie "The Exception," with Christopher Plummer as what I read described as 'an uncanny Kaiser Wilhelm II.' (An aside: I was going to link the LA Times website, but it has a RIDICULOUS amount of pop-ups there (!!!) trying to get people to subscribe! I think the need to close out more than three requests is so extreme that I hardly know what to say. There was a good review -- but it wasn't worth the trouble it would cause people in order to share the link!) Anyway, who even thinks about the Kaiser being alive during World War II? I certainly didn't!

Yes, we dashed out to the store very late (past 11:00) for a couple of items, including cat food. We didn't make it to the office or anywhere else, though. Just too hot to consider!

I had a lovely chat with our friend Shari today...

Time to head back downstairs to bed. I'm typing this in the office, but the entire upstairs is just too hot to deal with. (I had to come up to get my pills and take them, of course.)

Stay cool, wherever you are. Or warm enough! Can you believe we're COLD on a day like this?
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