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Goodbye, Ron -- A Trip to the Pilot Truckstop

We got word today that our friend Ron -- who is also a board member for the festival -- has lost his battle with cancer and passed on. He joined the board back in 1987, so we've known him a very long time. Marilyn was especially close to him. This was a blow.

Marilyn said that this was what life was going to be like now -- losing people we love. That does seem to be a hard fact of our lives. I just mentioned that Gil passed in June. As did Lois. So that's three people important to us that have passed just this summer.

Sister Sue's cell phone is NOT charged, I'm afraid. I had to call Larry on his cell in order to have him contact Marilyn so she could tell Sue about Ron.

We were trying not to dwell on this sad fact all day, but of course it's hard...

We mainly spent a quiet day inside, as we're in the middle of a heat wave here in Portland. But we did go out and get McDonald's at one point. And we were going to take a ride, but changed our minds and came home.

We ate very little today, really. And we watched a bunch of TV and played on our iPads.

I got an adult coloring book App and was playing around with that a little. It's simple, but sort of relaxing, anyway.

Marilyn has been doing graphic edits again for her Revenge account at Instagram and enjoying it so much! I'm happy for her.

Tonight we decided to drive up the Gorge to the Pilot Truckstop in Biggs. We just love doing that! It's nearly 2:00 now, and we got back around 1:30 from that drive.

I'm not sure why we like that so much, but we always have. Hahaha. I guess it's something different to do, anyway.

Tomorrow we'll need to go to the office so Marilyn can write up what she wants to say about Ron's passing for the board and staff and send it out. (We'll also finish up Candy's resume for her while we're there.)

I'm working hard to keep water out for the birds and critters. They really drink it down!

We were listening to Sirius radio -- The Beatles Channel (as we always do). But we can't keep tuned in when driving up the Columbia River Gorge. So we turned it off and listened to our iPod, instead. We have quite a few Beatles songs in playlists. We love singing along! You should have seen the SMOKE driving that way! There are wild fires everywhere and terrible, heavy smoke!

Marilyn said today that she hates being on vacation. Poor thing. She said she even hates holidays. She always feels like she should be WORKING. This made me sad. I don't know what to say.

I did tell her I was going to say she could go to the office to work. But not in this heat! Her office is all glass -- and gets very hot all year round when the sun hits the glass! So in really hot weather it's miserable in there. And NO, the AC does NOT cool it down by a long shot! I often wonder how she can keep from fainting in all that heat...

At least it's August now -- we've been having hot weather since June!

Well, that's it for today! Sleep well and stay cool.
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