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Sister Sue, June and Shopping

Quick note: If you are an Apple device user (iPad, iPhone, iPod), then Staples has something AWESOME you should check into! It's the Staples brand (in red letters on the front of the blue and white cardboard box) of a Charge/Sync Cable -- the Lightning connector. This one is Extra durable braided design (it comes in at least three colors -- maybe more). And it's 6 feet long. It's 'made for iPad' (etc.), meaning this electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to the iPad, iPhone or iPod, respectively -- and certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. This is important, because Marilyn and I have purchased lightning cables before that DID NOT WORK. In this case, not only does it work, but it's SUPERIOR to regular lightning cables! Things charge FASTER when using these! And the price? $10.00!!! That's half what you pay (or less) than you do to get an Apple lightning cable. Just sayin'...

Marilyn and I had been chatting with sister Sue today who was back home from her weekend cribbage tournament in Sunnyside. She wanted to go to Starbucks, so we went over and got her and Marilyn bought all of us coffee. We had a lovely visit.

Then we stopped at Staples so I could buy several of the above mentioned cables. I wanted Marilyn and I to each have two (for different spots), and to be able to give June one, too, as a gift.

We ate several things today. Peanuts (a food staple for us) and macaroni salad (a summer thing) and so on. Nothing very heavy, as it's been hot and we're not all that hungry.

We did the same thing, pretty much, as yesterday, really. Watching TV and playing on our iPads.

American Ninja Warrior is on Monday nights and we LOVE that show. Marilyn and Sue were watching it together over the phone. (smile) Dad would love that! When he was alive we frequently watched TV over the phone with him...

Tonight we ran over to Walmart to get a few items. Mostly Franz brand Molasses cookies. We also like their Peanut Butter cookies. And I saw Oatmeal tonight, and got those, too! These are just fabulous cookies, so much like homemade. I'm not kidding...

It's HOT in the house -- well, hot upstairs, anyway! I'm currently typing this in the office. But cool enough, thankfully, downstairs. We're facing a heat wave here in Portland for the next several days.

So far two people have ended up drowning at two different lake locations. This always happens when we have really hot weather! People go swimming at lakes without life vests, no matter how often they've been warned. We worry, because Larry and his family like to do this, too -- and we're pretty sure they don't use life vests, either. (sigh)

Our cousin Tony died trying to save another swimmer years back... He was in his twenties at the time...

We plan to take it pretty easy all week long, considering the weather!

I did go over to see June very briefly to give her the cable. She had a cool present for Marilyn and me! She got us each these pouches for holding your iPad. They're really pretty perfect, to tell you the truth.

My IBS-c was bad today. I had a lot of discomfort and out and out pain. Hopefully this will be better today.

And Marilyn's knee is MUCH IMPROVED! I'm so glad!

Candy is sending sister Sue to stay at Larry and Tammy's house for the rest of the week. They have no air conditioning and she's afraid for Sue to deal with the terrible heat...

We still plan to have dinner one night with Sue, June and Jim -- if we can figure a place where we won't be uncomfortable from the heat!

Can't think what else to share. Oh! Except that while we were gone with Sue, Hector came and mowed the lawn (mostly WEEDS) and hauled off all the debris from my yard work. We're so glad! Sorry I didn't get to talk to him, though...

That was our Marilyn Monday (which falls during vacation -- but isn't actually a vacation day).

Stay cool and have sweet dreams!
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