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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Quiet Day at Home -- Shopped at Freddies Late 
colin relax
It was a very quiet day at home for Marilyn and me. We played on our iPads and watched a lot of TV.

I made us fried eggs. Marilyn was smart and only ate one. I ate two and it made me sick. I used to be able to eat two fried eggs at once with no problem, but now that my appetite is smaller, I just can't do it, I guess. I just can't get used to the idea that I eat so much less at a sitting than I used to...

We both washed our hair today.

And we finally forced ourselves to go shopping very late (just before closing again). We got bottled water and rye bread and raspberries and several odds and ends that we needed.

When we came home we were hungry (having only eaten the one time). So Marilyn had a burrito and I ate some macaroni salad. And we had a fresh pot of coffee.

We got Marilyn her Gatorade. She likes the Cherry Frost, which looks white and tastes like cherry (but not too sweet). She drinks it all the time to stay hydrated, especially during a flare-up when she eats so little.

I heard from Sandy today, Hector's wife. She said she'd call back tomorrow. We'll see if that happens. She's supposed to set Hector up to come do our yard work.

Of course, we're expecting SEVERAL DAYS of temperatures over 100', starting tomorrow! So this might not be the best week for him to come. As Marilyn says, we don't want the poor man to die trying to do our yard!

We were thinking about going to the beach for an overnight trip with sister Sue this week, but it's supposed to be very hot there, too (in the 90's). So I doubt we'll try that!

Speaking of Sue, we hope she had fun at the cribbage tournament. She should be back now.

I've been putting out lots of WATER for all the birds and critters, knowing they must be thirsty right now.

Marilyn and I are both hydrating like mad! And keeping water out for our cats, too.

I've been trying Google Calendar on my iPad and iPhone. And also Google Docs (which I don't really get, yet). Anyway, so far, so good...

Sleep well and stay cool, friends! And enjoy your summer!
August 1, 2017 (Tuesday) 01:25 am (UTC)
Hopefully you can stay cool!
August 1, 2017 (Tuesday) 03:03 am (UTC)