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Thursday 27, Friday 28 and Saturday 29 - Catching Up!

Hard to believe I haven't blogged since Wednesday! I've just been really, really TIRED each night since then. By the way, tonight is the same (I'm yawning as I type this)...

Thursday, July 27
I worked on Thursday. Marilyn and I got in to the office before 9:00, as we had a meeting at Starbucks with Rich at 9:00 a.m.

It was SO GOOD to see Rich! Gosh, I've missed him. Marilyn had hot tea and it caused another flare-up of her IBS, I'm afraid. After our meeting we two walked back to the office and Marilyn drove directly home to have a bath.

I had plenty to keep me busy! I was again having both Donn and Kris in the office. Prior to that, I needed to grant drive access to several people using QuickBooks. We keep QuickBooks on a locked drive, so most people in the office can't touch that drive.

I had thought I'd finished granting access, but it's two-fold. It's interesting how many times that's true! You think you've gone on the Server and done some task, but it's so complicated and convoluted that you haven't finished it. (sigh) Ignore me. I'm just annoyed that I didn't get it finished the first time around! But my notes were incomplete, apparently, so now those NOTES are in order -- and the issue is resolved.

So part of what I supposedly needed Kris to do I had done before he got there...

Meanwhile, Donn was in to work with Symantec. Here's my unhappiness with Symantec, by the way!!! They have pretty much the WORST support around. And I deal with a lot of bad support from a lot of companies, so that's saying something. We pay quite a bit for the software and service, so I expect to get the level support we need every single time we contact them! Donn is an extra expense, and he should be able to work through this stuff quickly. Can he? No, thanks to Symantec!!! He starts with level one people and has to go through the entire process of working to someone who can actually HELP HIM to resolve things. I'm so unhappy this time that I'm going to consider changing to a different antivirus -- even though we've been using them for ages... (sigh)

Donn had to come in specifically to deal with Symantec on BOTH Thursday AND Friday! That was hours of his time. Highly annoying. And even Kris was trying to assist him at one point!!! No, I'm not kidding!

Marilyn managed to make it to her doctor appointment on Thursday (it was at 11:00 a.m.). She had a good appointment and they dealt with a lot of things. She got an EKG while she was there and they really reviewed her charts. I'm so pleased to hear this! Her knee is finally improving. And her blood pressure is better, thankfully. (It was very high on Monday.)

She stayed home after that while I did my thing at the office. I had plenty to work on (as always!).

Kris did his thing and Donn quit around 4:30 (planning to finish on Friday, as I already mentioned). They both offered to drive me home so Marilyn wouldn't need to come back, but she did return in the afternoon, anyway.

My meeting with Megan (the new RHSAA webmaster) went extremely well!!! I really like her. And she knows her stuff, too. I was happy to pass on the entire website to her (via jump drive) and encourage her. And told her I'd be here for her if she needs any help.

Eventually Marilyn and I headed home. Traffic out of downtown Portland is AWFUL. Even late at night! I can't even express how bad it is. But we finally got home...

And Thursday was garbage night, so I took care of that, of course. Saw a raccoon when putting stuff out, so I gave him a can of sardines and a can of cat food. He was pretty hungry and ate it all. I was glad about having cleaned out the bowls, so I could have fresh water out there for him (raccoons love water!). All the birds and critters are thirsty in this heat.

Friday, July 28
I worked from home on Friday. I was wrapped up quite a bit in Donn's issue with Symantec. And doing some other stuff Remotely. It kept me busy, that's for sure!

Did some work in my bedroom...

Spent a bunch of time on Apps on my iPad. I was having issues with gmx and couldn't seem to resolve it. (sigh) It was working fine on my iPhone, though. Go figure.

I added the Google Docs App to my iPad. Not that long ago I added Google Calendar. I'm trying to get used to using them. The Docs App is missing some features you normally have when using it on a computer, which is annoying as all get out! (Like creating folders.) But I'll figure it out sooner or later, I'm sure.

We watched a bunch of Star Trek, as usual. (smile)

Oh! Spoke briefly with sister Sue -- she was at her cribbage tournament in Sunnyside.

Satuday, July 29
Slept in today.

I keep forgetting to mention that I'm having a bunch of blood sugar lows recently. Not sure why. Maybe I'm not eating enough, as I haven't been all that hungry for the most part.

Marilyn and I drove out for Starbucks. We were going to take a drive, but had second thoughts in light of her recent flare-up. So we came back home.

We spent a lot of time playing Solitaire on our iPads. (smile) Very challenging version we've both been doing, so we feel it requires a lot of concentration.

We needed to go shopping but didn't feel like it. Tomorrow is soon enough.

We did our usual METV watching in the evening. The Svengoolie movie was quite good -- and we'd never seen it before! I made popcorn. And Batman was good (a first season episode). That Adam West is so hot. (whew)

Forcing myself to catch up tonight. My eyes have been bothering me all day. Marilyn's, too. We both think we're 'cycling' (we would be having our monthly time if we were young enough, hahaha) -- and that always effects the actual SHAPE of a woman's eyes! Bet you didn't know that, right? Hahaha. (Well, what am I saying??? I suppose most women know it!)

I'm enough out of it to be making a bunch of typos and spelling things wrong. Good grief. It's clearly time for bed!

Good night!!!
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