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Just Another Manic Thursday? (About Yesterday...)

Yesterday was wild. (As in wild and wooly, I guess!)

I spent the entire morning trying to 'fix' my computer. (sigh) That was a major waste of time!

When I finally realized it would need to go in, I phoned Donn (my computer tech) and set that up. I had the whole thing unhooked and ready, when Marilyn mistressmarilyn phoned from the office and needed some info that was on the computer -- so I had to hook it up again. (grin) Isn't that how it always goes?

She needed info on my friend Robin, who works for another event here in the Pacific Northwest. Marilyn wanted to see if Robin would be a judge, which would be really cool, I think!

I got to know Robin years ago when first working as script writer for the Starlight Parade. I phoned her for info on her float. Anyway, on parade day I made a point of looking her up and we've been friends since then.

Happily, the year IFEA was held in Vegas (in 2002), Robin attended and 'hung out' with a bunch of us. That was fun! We've had the opportunity to meet so many other wonderful people through the events world...

Anyway, sister Sue came by around noon and we took the computer in. Sue's currently pissed off at Donn, it appears. She made a nasty comment about him as we were getting out of the car in in front of his building, and as he had the door wide open I suspect he heard it... (sigh)

I'm not sure what Sue's issue with Donn is, really. But part of it has to do with the fact that he shows me such enormous favoritism as a client -- and Sue is just another customer to him. But I've known Donn for years and years -- and have become friends with both him and his wife Denise. (Even giving them gifts at Christmas.) Plus I've driven a ton of business his way -- aside from the business Marilyn and I have given him directly with our own computer needs.

He's a good enough friend to have surprised me with my 'name plate' as a gift one year. (The one I use when I'm in the PRFA office.) We've given him festival goodies, as well, like ride bracelets and free tickets.

Donn's been fabulous for me, giving me an awful lot of free info over the phone.

Believe it or not, I'm actually entirely self-taught on the computer -- so I've got a mixed bag of information regarding computers rolling around inside my head! (Marilyn was my first computer instructor, back in the day -- I'm happy to say. I learned so much from her.) I feel I'm lucky enough to have learned how to use a computer back in the DOS days -- so I'm not entirely Windows-reliant. (That's helped me out more than once!)

I sometimes wish I had taken some computer courses. I'd love to understand programming and so on. I'd love to actually be comfortable with the interior of a computer. (I never ever open the case! That's what I have a tech for, after all.)

Yes, years ago I actually reformatted the hard drive of a computer and then set up partitions and got it working again. I even opened the CPU and installed a graphics card in that computer, believe it or not. (grin) But those occasions have been few and far between. My personal expertise has been learning various softwares and then teaching them to others. I originally learned how to use WordPerfect while on a job and using it, for example. (I knew all the basics within three days, using only a small hand-sized guide!) I'd originally done word processing using WordStar (does anyone remember it???), which didn't have many bells and whistles...

I was good enough at WordPerfect at one point to end up teaching it to a class. I could write rather complicated macros and so on...

Anyway, leaving that all behind for now, I left off my (poor) computer and Sue and I headed to my house. We hung there for the short time until we were going to Nicole's school. (Nicole is Sue's granddaughter for anyone who may have spaced it.)

Time to head for "Run for the Arts." I was in my festival jacket, carrying a bag of 2004 pins in my pocket.

I ended up running Nicole's ninth lap around with her, thus encouraging her to a personal best! (Last year and the year before she ran eight laps around.) Afterwards, Sue and I split an orange popsicle. (Everyone was provided a popsicle for free for participating.) Then we went to Nicole's second grade classroom with her.

Her teacher had me pass out the pins, which was fun! (I ended up letting each child have two -- plus giving out tons more to siblings and parents who were present, as well as some teachers. So cute when teacher had the class thank me in unison!) Interesting to be repeatedly mistaken as Nicole's mother, by the way... (Age is often a matter of how young people feel you behave.)

Teacher then had the students sing some songs before she read them a story. I loved every minute!

When school was out three came back to my house so Nicole could meet Scarlett. (I also gave her chips from Tom and bags of Easter Candy for her, Sue and her mom, Candy.)

Then it was time to take Scarlett to meet Dr. McCoy!

Getting her in the box wasn't that hard, but she howled worse than a banshee once there. All the way in the car and the parking lot and inside the lobby of the vet.

But when we got her into the exam room and out of the box, she was good as gold!

It turns out she's older than we thought! Dr. McCoy set her age at between a year and a year an a half! And she's had a litter of kittens at some point, nursing them to adulthood. (As cats often do in the wild.) Poor little thing! He thinks she'll always be small, as a result of her hard life and malnutrition as a young kitten and cat...

Everyone who saw her praised her beauty, loving her big, green eyes! Besides getting her an initial check-up, we had them chip her against potential loss. As suspected, she had bad ear mites, and we ran through the usual treatment, with the doctor and I reviewing how I could back up the treatment at home. (I've treated literally dozens of cats for mites in my life...)

I'll save Nicole's bad behavior at the vet for another day. Let's just say it was... um... difficult. But she and Sue wore me out, to say the least!

Back home and then up to supposedly get my computer. No go. Sue and Nicole dropped me home and left for their home.

The poor, sick computer had to remain in the shop for additional work overnight.

Let's just say it was one very busy day!

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