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Work and Many Tasks/Chores

Sad news today. Our friend Gil passed away in June. I'm especially sad for Marilyn that we didn't know in time to attend his memorial, but nobody contacted us. We both were close to Gil, but Marilyn was very close. As she said, she knew it was coming as he'd failed quite a bit, but you sometimes start to think these people in your life will live forever...

We can always remember him ourselves, anyway. It wouldn't be the first time we'd done that.

Before I go any further, I thought I should mention that I haven't seen a single ANT in the house in ages! I guess those Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers are actually working! (woo hoo) I'm actually surprised...

Today was my day to color my hair (I picked up the package at the store last night). But of course I didn't go there first thing. Hahaha.

I was busy doing actual work for the festival. I spent hours on the computer...

Lilia had contacted me about the Rose Garden website. She needed information. This certainly pre-dates my involvement -- and officially I have never had hands-on with that website. But this isn't the first time I've had to jump in and assist.

I was originally annoyed because I couldn't immediately find the information! What I had was old and incorrect! But I remembered it wasn't that long ago we were dealing with something having to do with the domain. I finally found it filed in an 'Important' folder. Well, as nice as that might have seemed at the time, not putting it in the Rose Garden Store folder was a tad confusing! Hahaha. So now it's where it needs to be!

I tried to phone her but didn't reach her. So I left her a message to call me. Then I sent her a detailed email with all of the info -- minus the password (I never ever email passwords!). I never did hear back from her today, but at least I found everything she should need. And I wrote emails about an upcoming eNewsletter, regarding some SPAM emails and on and on...

I took out all the garbage in the house. And I spent time on the sour drains again! This time I used baking soda, followed by white vinegar. This makes it bubble. Then hot water. And finally lemon juice. I did every single drain (both bathrooms, sinks and tubs, the kitchen sink both sides and the laundry room double sink). I suppose it's partly the constant heat that is making the drains sour, but it's annoying when it happens! It's so hard to actually track down where the odor is coming from...

Say! I didn't do the drain in the FLOOR under that double sink in the laundry room! I should do that tomorrow!!!

Recently the magnet for the dishwasher broke. Little wonder! It's on the dishwasher when it's running and gets hot, so after years of use the glue separated. But I found a tube of Gorilla Glue and was able to fix it (not as easy as it sounds, but oh well). I don't know about anyone else, but it's VERY HARD to keep track of clean and dirty dishes without it! I use it religiously. I bought it right after we moved in to this house (more than 20 years ago).

Then I finally did color my hair. After that I cleaned the tub. It gets so dirty, because the drain runs slow and when I shower water stands in the bottom. Then my hair falls out (and is long) and holds dirt around the drain and sides. I should clean it more often, obviously. Hahaha. I'm going to be better about this. I used my 'new' electric scrubber, which really worked nicely! With that to use, I should be able to stay on top of this going forward. (And I didn't need any cleanser.)

Marilyn had a difficult day -- tons and tons of meetings. And she phoned me at 8:00 p.m. and was dealing with a flare up and unable to head home yet, poor thing.

First she's dealing with that knee. Then the dental work yesterday gave her such pain. And now a flare up on top of everything. Such a shame. I feel bad for her.

She has a lot to get done this week before vacation next week...

I contacted Donn bout coming in on Thursday. He's good with that.

I also wrote to Megan from RHSAA about getting together that same day. If she can, of course. She gets off around 4:00 (4:30?) and is downtown. So we could meet at the office.

Interesting note: I was able to log in to the RHSAA domain host account with no problem. But could NOT FTP to the site! So I contacted Doteasy about it. I was wondering if I was somehow locked out. Looks like that's the case! The RHSAA is dumping the current company and going back to my site -- with Megan maintaining it in the future. But first we've got to get CONTROL again. I heard back from them and need to work through it further.

Well, that's TWO websites I was helping with today.

I didn't mention talking to June about her meeting with her daughter. It looks like it went quite well. I'm so glad, as it's been painful to June being estranged from her daughter. I don't understand why it happened, but I'm glad things are working out.

I'm excited for Sue about her new clothes! Tomorrow is her doctor appointment, and she's going to look very nice with her new outfits and colored and cut hair! Marilyn and I felt it was important for her to put her best foot forward for this first appointment with the new doctor.

Hot again today!

I hope Marilyn feels better in the morning...

I feel like I'm forgetting things. Well, I'm tired out and ready to head to bed...

Sweet dreams!
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