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Marilyn Monday: Appointments and Errands (including Sister Sue)

This was a BUSY Marilyn Monday!

First we both showered and washed and did our hair. Then Marilyn had an appointment with the doctor to look at her knee. The verdict? None. She poked and prodded the knee and suggested REMOVING THE SCAB (why, why, why???), but didn't. Now she's having Marilyn COME BACK AGAIN this coming Thursday morning. Really? No antibiotics or sticking in a needle to draw out fluids or anything else. Okay then! What do I know?

Then we drove to the NEXT appointment with Marilyn's dentist to get her teeth cleaned. As soon as we finally got there (not that easy to do, mind you -- right near the dreaded Hollywood district), we walked over and got Starbucks.

They really poked and prodded her implant during the cleaning -- she is suffering a lot tonight from what they did to her poor gums!

Then home and a short nap. We had called sister Sue to tell her we wanted to take her shopping at Ross in the evening after the traffic had cleared up.

Next we drove to Sue's house. By the way, traffic was fine past 8:00 p.m.! Hahaha. We saw Candy and her friend walking as we turned toward Sue's house...

Then we took Sue to Ross to shop for some new pants. It turns out that was where Candy and her friend were going, too!!! So we were all shopping together.

Found a couple of NICE outfits that FIT Sue -- plus a couple new bras, which she really needed, too. And Marilyn and I got a mug with a lot of cool things written on it and a big 'C' to give Candy, who is job hunting right now. After that we picked up the corrected resume and headed in the direction of home.

But before going home it was SHOPPING (again) -- getting some of the things we missed last night. (But not all.) The main thing was peanuts, which we eat quite often. These are an important part of our diet. Tonight we went to Safeway (we like their peanuts best).

We were fortunately taping American Ninja Warrior, so we finally got back home and watched that. Both Marilyn and I ALWAYS find that show both entertaining and inspirational!

I don't think I mentioned yesterday that I have once again been called for jury duty. Are you kidding me? I seem to be asked constantly. I haven't decided if I'll try to get off or not. It's pretty hard right now with our staff down four additional people!

And I do an important job for the office, managing IT. Even if I'm not physically there, I can do a lot just from home (or wherever I am) via phone! But that would be hard if I sat on a trial...

IT issues don't wait until it's convenient -- far from it! I never know when there will be an issue.

But it's possible I wouldn't get called to an actual trial. So I'm thinking it over. More later.

Now it's time for bed!!!

I need to color my hair tomorrow. Seriously!

Sweet dreams!
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