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Quiet Sunday at Home... PLUS Aerobic Shopping! (Ha!)

We had been talking about going to the Columbia County Fair this weekend. But I was reluctant all along, in light of Marilyn's knee. Anyway, she hasn't been feeling well since the injury and the knee is bad. She's in pain whenever she walks on it. HOPEFULLY she's going to contact the doctor tomorrow...

Anyway, I was glad when we decided NOT to go to the fair. It's a TON of walking. I did it last year when I was sick and I remember well how hard it was...

So we stayed home almost all day and took it pretty easy. Watching a lot of TV. We've been enjoying all the Martin Landau stuff playing this weekend. Today it was a bunch of episodes of "Mission: Impossible." It's a TV show that the entire family used to watch back in the day -- I recall that we never missed it! Dad and Mom liked it as much as we did. I think the show holds up really well, by the way. Both Marilyn and I think it's impressive. Good writing and so much attention to detail! All the technical stuff is amazing. We're used to it now, but it wasn't common back then! Good writing and good acting, anyway. We've watched several and really liked them... (They played some of our favorites. And a few we don't remember ever seeing!)

And we've been playing with our iPads. We were playing our Solitaire App that has a number of good card games that are challenging. We like the idea of needing to reason out how to 'win' these. We figure it's good for our minds... (smile)

And I dozed more than once and just had a totally lazy and relaxing day...

But we finally had to FORCE OURSELVES to dash to the store tonight (right before it closed!). We were OUT of cat food, and that is NEVER A GOOD THING. I'd been carefully dishing out the last of it, and they were actually howling to tell me they weren't pleased!!! Our cats usually never complain about food, as I keep some out night and day. That's not what the vet used to prefer, then we got Henry and everything changed. He needs to eat whenever he's hungry to keep weight on because of his condition.

Interestingly enough, Colin doesn't really overeat the way he used to! Plus he's remarkably active, running (fast!) all over the house. He's a very muscular kitty. So having food out seems to work fine.

But for whatever reason (sigh), they won't eat the three different foods they have been eating for ages. I gave them this 'new' food as a snack -- but they want to eat it as their MAIN FOOD. So guess what? Anyway, I picked it up and didn't buy the other food (which I still have a bunch of). So now things should be okay. Hahaha. They ideally want food all the time and fresh water all the time (they drink from a bucket on the stairs near the back door).

And every now and then they want some popcorn when we have it (just a taste). Or teeny tiny bites of cheese (really small -- and they mostly play with those and don't really eat it). And sometimes if we have a bowl of raspberries with fat free half and half, then they want a lick or two. Yes, our cats are spoiled. Hahaha. But they are NOT allowed near us when we're eating our own meals! I'm very strict about that.

Marilyn waited in the car, and I literally RAN into the store. It was supposedly 20 minutes from closing, but the second I got in they were pushing people to check out! So I was shopping really, really fast. Which I'm pretty good at, actually. Marilyn says I'm a power shopper -- and when it comes to grocery shopping that's true. I just dash here and there grabbing items I know are on our list. There wasn't any time to actually check it!

I had a long list (!!!), and in just a bit more than five minutes I loaded up around HALF of the list in my cart. It was piled high (big bottles of water we use to make coffee and for the cats, kitty litter, pop, paper towels, Kleenex, cottage cheese, cat food and more).

We go through a lot of paper products in our house. I use paper towels for EVERYTHING. Especially for cleaning my hands before doing my contacts (must protect my eyes, after all), before checking my blood sugar and injecting insulin, before treating Henry's bad eye and on and on. Marilyn became obsessed with using paper towels long ago, and I think she's right -- they are far cleaner than cloth towels. But I do have hand towels, too, for the record.

We seem to use LESS Kleenex than in the past. I'm not sure why, really. I used to go through a ton of it all the time. Maybe my allergies are better than in the past...

Got home and got everything unpacked and put away. What a job! I was pouring sweat after that. It's been a very hot day today. I think in the 80's. Well, it is summer, after all!

Spoke briefly with sister Sue today, by the way! It's so NICE to be able to stay in touch with her again.

I didn't mention all the projects my friend June has been involved with. She's very 'crafty' (as Marilyn calls it) and loves creating things. I think that's a wonderful way for her to spend her time. She's been using various glass pieces to make 'art' for the yard. Very pretty stuff! She has piles of things in her sun room where she works on it. And some things in her office, too.

I'd like to find more time for such things, but realistically I don't think that's going to happen. It's been a long time since I did any craft projects. I always seem to have other ways to spend my free time. Oh well. I don't miss it that much, if I'm being honest. I have a lot of other things I enjoy. Making graphic edits for work or Instagram seem to keep me happy.

June is in her 80's and going STRONG, folks! Crafts, using her Fitbit to keep track of her steps. She plays with her computer, iPad and iPhone every day. She gardens, too. She inspirational to me.

Well, time to head for bed! Marilyn is already sound asleep.

Gosh, my poor little toe sure hurts! Not having a toenail is really painful. (sigh)

Sweet dreams! Have a good week!
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