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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Marilyn Stays Home -- Sue Gets Her Hair Done 
happy happy, sisters happy
Marilyn's knee seems worse and is giving her terrible pain. And she just didn't feel well today. So she took a sick day and stayed home and mostly stayed OFF her leg. I'm not sure if that's going to be enough. She still might need to see a doctor...

But I'm sure aside from her leg she could use another day off. It's been so hard for her this summer!

Anyway, both she and I got ready and went to pick up sister Sue for her 1:00 hair appointment. We dropped Sue off then went to get Starbucks and brought Sue her coffee. And we sat waiting in the salon while she got colored and cut. She looked so nice after that! (Marilyn paid -- she's so generous.)

Then it was the TERRIBLE drive back to Sue's house. Awful traffic.

We want to take her to get some pants that fit her. The pair she had on today were WAY TOO BIG. (sigh)

After dropping Sue off we came home. We've been playing with our iPads and watching loads of TV (which we always do when we stay home sick). Today it was many episodes of "Diagnosis Murder."

And last night Marilyn say Dick Van Dyke doing an infomercial, so she taped that. Pretty damn impressive! The man is now 91 and still going strong! He's extremely likeable, by the way. I read his autobiography and it was wonderful. He pushes Tai Cheng (a popular form of Tai Chi) -- and I have to admit I'm interested in learning more about it.

Dick Van Dyke has become an outspoken advocate of Tai Cheng. The amazing benefits offered to seniors is reason enough. (The 91 year old singer, dancer and comedian is clear about knowing the risks older citizens face everyday. Balance, agility and strength are all reasons to make Tai Cheng a part of any physical fitness plan -- especially for seniors, who need these so much and might not be able to do other forms of exercise.) When you see who well Dick Van Dyke is doing at his age, it's pretty inspirational!

I made hot diggity dogs with cottage cheese and black olives for our dinner tonight (and a pot of coffee, of course). And later we had homemade popcorn as a treat.

Then I came upstairs to blog and suddenly realized it was THURSDAY (duh, Charlie!) -- which means it's garbage and recycling day! And this week is REAL GARBAGE week, so it needed to be done pronto!

I didn't have any of our 'new' kitty litter, but fortunately had the old stuff. So I used that. Glad to get it all done, anyway!

Today was gray and humid. But no rain. And we're due again for 90' weather, I guess.

I'm worried about Marilyn...

Finally, we're facing a BUSY WEEKEND, as Marilyn pointed out today. So I need to head to bed and get some sleep! (It's after 3:00 right now.) Yawn.

Candy was going back and forth via text with her brother Larry's wife Tammy. I won't bother sharing all her unpleasant crap here (Tammy is a piece of work -- always has been). Let's just say I don't blame Candy for being fed up -- or Sue for being hurt. But ultimately I didn't expect Tammy to be anything but a pain (and I could easily use much stronger language here), so it was no surprise.

She tries to get between Candy and Larry, which is unfair of her. Candy has spent so much of her life sticking up for her brother. But he's whipped and will never stand up to Tammy no matter what. So it is what it is.

And I didn't like Sue being with them, anyway, because we never got to see and rarely got to talk to her. Candy has lived with Sue for ages and I think she deserves consideration from all of us because of it...

I hope June's mouth is feeling better!

I hope Marilyn's leg starts getting better.

I'm happy for Sue about her hair -- which made her look so cute!

By the way, she does NOT seem to have dementia. She can remember amazing details about the people around her! Not just names of tons of people, but the names of their family members, too -- and details about their lives!

Okay, she has memory issues some of the time. Who doesn't??? And that gets worse with age. But she's also sharper than you might expect. Just sayin'. I think her former doctor really sold her a bill of goods. And they haven't begun to do enough testing to know for sure. It's like she's been brainwashed to think she's all washed up -- and old and sick. Bull!

Well, on that note, I'm off to bed! Sweet dreams, everybody...
July 21, 2017 (Friday) 12:03 pm (UTC)
Marilyn hasn't had the knee looked at? It sounds pretty awful.
July 21, 2017 (Friday) 11:57 pm (UTC)
If Marilyn then she probably should see a doctor. If nothing else to make sure there isn't an infection...