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Dental Woes for June -- and All of Us!

My friend June and I spoke briefly. She just had a root canal on Monday and is still suffering pretty bad. Little wonder: It took two and a half hours for the dentist (specialist) to do it!!! And the very negative part??? She's had this SAME TOOTH worked on twice before! The other guy did it once, then she complained and he tried to do it again. This time around she had another person that Mary (our dentist) recommended, downtown. And he clearly stated that it was 'done wrong' the other two times!

So I went hunting for a way to REPORT this to someone. Isn't there ANYBODY who monitors the work of dentists and dental specialists? I couldn't find any place online that offered any suggestions.

Why did June have to pay the first guy TWICE to do it wrong? Now she's paid again for that same tooth! And dental procedures aren't easy on anyone -- much less a person who is in her 80's.

Marilyn says the only recourse is to hire a lawyer and go after them -- which most of us are simply not going to do (or can't afford to do).

Anyway, poor June! I'm just GLAD she finally got this tooth done correctly. Now maybe it can heal and stop bothering her. It's been TWO YEARS since she first went in with that bad tooth...

Dental care -- such as it is -- is truly a hit or miss thing. No matter how much you pay or how hard you try to take care of your teeth. Sad, huh?

In other news, sister Sue got an appointment to get her hair done tomorrow. Actually, her daughter Candy set it up. Marilyn had me phone to find out the exact time. Which is when I discovered I'd been spelling her hairdresser's NAME incorrectly! It's actually Marily (sounds like Merrilee). Sue and I have known Marily for years -- she was in the salon two shops back that we used to go to. In fact, when Mom was still alive she went there, too! She's now at Bahama Mama's in St. Johns.

I'm planning to go along and be with Sue during her cut and color, as it IS a work day for Marilyn, after all (and she has meetings). The appointment is for 1:00 p.m.

And Sue got a doctor appointment at her clinic for next Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. with a woman doctor (Jennifer) who has been in practice for 39 years. This will be her first time meeting her. (Dr. Young is now gone.) Anyway, I called to confirm and had to phone back twice. We're in a black hole for cell coverage, but we don't have long distance on our landline. Anyway, I did confirm both, as Marilyn had asked me to do.

I spent most of the day on a complicated project that kept me on my toes. Still not done with that -- I'll try to finish up in the morning...

Hot day! I had the AC on and off all day long.

Can't think what else. I did do a load of dishes today...

Time for bed soon.
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