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Work Today at Festival Office

This is annoying! I just discovered that my ENTRY for yesterday (Monday) DID NOT POST!!! I don't know how I missed that yesterday (???), but when I came into LiveJournal tonight, it asked if I wanted to 'restore' my draft! The 'draft' I thought had posted! Oh well. At least the full entry was still available to post and I didn't lose it...

As for today, it was another busy day at the festival office.

Three birthdays to celebrate: Steven, Angel and Lilia. Marilyn and I took along Cinnabon pound cake and some cookies and Wanda and I made up a tray for the Staff meeting.

Donn was in today -- he moved Tanya's computer to her new spot. And was there in case she needed help setting up the check reader (she didn't -- they did it Remotely from the bank). He also set up the new station upstairs. Well, the new and improved version! Exciting. There's finally really room to work on computers in this building!!! (About time.) I was promised that way back before we ever moved in...

Talked to Kris on the phone about the new (used) printer he bought and installed to replace the old 'Marketing' printer that had a broken drawer. It was so old they don't make parts for it anymore. But all our printers were quite expensive when we originally bought them -- and are work horses!!! They really made them well back then! Somehow Kris found a similar model that was an improvement on the one we used to have! Three instead of four drawers! It's immaculate! It looks brand new -- not a mark on it. I can't believe how clean it is! We tested it out and it works great. And best of all? He got it for $150!!! The original models were thousands of dollars!

I actually prayed with Wanda at one point today. We held hands and prayed out loud for Christine (we want her to get this job she's applying for). We won't make a habit of that, but she really wanted to do it...

She was excited when she found out I pray all the time. She has a cross tattooed on her arm. Marilyn doesn't like me to talk religion at work (it's not appropriate, of course), but Wanda and I will be careful in the future.

Christine was there for a bit today. She was going for a meeting about the possible job...

Hot day today! The air conditioner is running right now as a matter of fact...

Marilyn's leg is better, but so red, swollen and clearly infected tonight. She walked on it far too much today.

Marilyn and I went to Starbucks for coffee with Steven and Angel.

Jeff was back from vacation today.

Went to lunch at the Turkey Place with Angel (Marilyn and I). Marilyn bought for all of us. (It was recently Angel's bday, as I mentioned above.)

McDonald's for dinner -- we ate the meat and tossed the buns (as we usually do). And had the meat with cottage cheese. Yummy. (And much easier than cooking.)

Watched several "Diagnosis Murder" episodes -- Marilyn is now hung up on the series, too. (smile) We really enjoy Dick and Barry Van Dyke.

I got 7,000 steps today! Wow.

Never called sister Sue today. I should have checked on the 'tasks' Marilyn assigned her. (grin) She was supposed to get a doctor appointment and call for a hair appointment...

Tired, so heading for bed soon!

Sweet dreams!!!
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