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Church Window

I can't recall if I ever shared the photo of the stained glass window behind the altar of the Methodist church that I attended from the womb (literally) into young-adulthood. (My most recent visit to said church was for the funeral of our friend Bob...)

Anyway, I've wanted to make an icon from that photo for the longest time. And I managed to do it, even though not one single version of my Paint Shop Pro softwares is working correctly right now... (sigh)

church window

So why, you might ask, aren't my PSP softwares working?

I had a rather major computer crash yesterday.

It's hard to believe that my graphics softwares were the hardest hit by this, but it somehow involves anything that browses the contents of my hard drive. (Or perhaps I should say hard drives, as I have a dual hard drive.)

I don't know if I'll need to take the computer in or not to my tech, but this is a lousy time for it. (Why does it often seem to happen, by the way? I can't get over how many years I end up needing something fixed when I most need the computer to be working well!)

Anyway, in spite of spending over four hours yesterday trying to fix things, I'm not really down about it. What the hell -- life is too short to let something like this bother me! I'll get it fixed. Things will work out. It's not life or death. Sure, it's annoying, but so what?

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, after all. (grin)

I can't get over being able to sit here smiling about this... Lots of times this sort of computer problem has had me just beside myself.

Anyway, it's past 1:00 am now and we need to head to bed. Big day tomorrow!


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