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Facebook? Well, This is LiveJournal, Right?

More NEWS from LiveJournal. You can now 'embed' Facebook posts here at LJ. If -- if -- you want to, that is. (Which I think most of us do not want to do...)

The comments to this 'news' item? Negative (including mine). Surprising? No, not at all. If you've been here (at LiveJournal) for any amount of time -- and bothered to read what users have shared -- this has been the attitude since 2002. Actually, it may have been the attitude from the beginning, but I only joined LiveJournal in 2002. (smile)

Hahaha. Well, it can hardly have been the 'attitude' all that time, because originally there was no Facebook. Just for the record, LiveJournal came FIRST -- long before Facebook and other social media services. (Remember: LiveJournal inspired Facebook in the first place.)

I think it's interesting that we're still trying to 'defend' LifeJournal against other social media -- and fighting to keep it 'pure.' Other social media crosses over, so why NOT LiveJournal? I bet the Admin gets both confused and frustrated by our response to their changes. Hahaha. Here's the thing: We still see LiveJournal as THE FIRST and THE BEST. And, yeah, we ARE protective! (And interestingly enough, many users here appear to only use LJ. That's not me. I have many other social media accounts. But, yes, LJ is my favorite, by far.)

What does it all mean? In the history of LiveJournal, users have ALWAYS been outspoken about the service. They have always felt that they 'own' LJ to some degree. They've always been very personally invested. But the Admin hasn't always listened. And there have been several times when members quit. Large groups of people quit, all at one time. They 'voted' against LJ by no longer participating here. They didn't like being ignored. Who does?

Shouldn't the Admin/Owners have the right to change (and potentially improve) the service here? Yeah, of course. But they need to be gentle. And to respond to users. Maybe even include them in decisions, like in the past. Or pretend to, anyway. The users honestly care about LiveJournal, which should be a good -- not bad -- thing.

I've worried many times that LJ would end for one reason or another. Or that so many of my friends would leave that it wouldn't be as much fun here. Or that the Admin/Owners will make more changes that spoil the experience for us, the users.

How much would it take to finally drive me away? I honestly don't know -- and I hope I never find out.

Look, I'm still blogging all these years later. Almost every day. So I haven't let it really bother me. Or, like others, I'd just leave, right?

(An aside: I miss those people who used to be here and are now gone. Just sayin'...)

And there's no reason to get angry that things change here. All things change. We have to continue to change with them.

Ultimately we users love LJ. And when you love something, you feel it's okay for you to bitch about it (right or wrong). Hahaha. We love you, LiveJournal.
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