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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Day at the Office -- Poor Marilyn's Knee 
work gfp, gfp work
A busy day at the office -- both Marilyn and I felt it was productive.

Starbucks this morning.

I got more than 6,000 steps today (I also did on Tuesday when at the office). Poor Marilyn can barely limp around. It's very frustrating to her! She asked me if we could leave the office around 4:00, as she was in such pain she just wanted to go home and put her leg up. I think the bone is really bruised, aside from the wound, which appears to be infected. Poor thing! Just getting in and out of the car nearly kills her.

Adeena came in and was a big help with Marilyn's nominating project. Christine visited so she could work on her resume (I had her sit in Rich's space near Marilyn).

There was a huge drama about the check reader which wasn't working. Steven was trying to help Tanya fix it. They had moved it from Sheila's computer to Tanya's computer. I asked to be in the mix, considering I'm the only one currently on staff that knows the processes we went through to originally set it up...

Donn got involved when he came in, then we put it off for next week. I was also going to have him move Tanya's computer, but we put that off for next week, too.

I did have Donn set up the 'front desk' Profile on what used to be Christine's machine. It's now on both the Receptionist machine and the second computer in that area -- which should be perfect going forward.

The 'Marketing' printer is having issues. So Kris came in to deal with that. He got it to work again (apparently the machine wasn't reading the network card) -- but it has a bad drawer. So he found us another machine for $150 to replace it. So that's where we're going soon...

I helped Kate with her project, then I went and gave her access to change out the Director Distribution Lists. (It's not complicated, but just requires me to access my notes on my own computer.)

I also need to set Carol up with access to the locked drives. I didn't get to that today, but will tomorrow...

Kris is working on getting us on Comcast -- but apparently so is Jeff! That should prove interesting! Anyway, Marilyn is very unhappy with our internet connection in the office. Plus then we could get Xfinity cable TV instead of DirectTV (which she hates).

Kris and I went to lunch (he kindly bought) and brought some Chinese back to Marilyn.

I was working on a bunch of IT-related projects during the day, anyway. But have more to do tomorrow...

Wanda has been jumping right in and finding mistakes at the website -- she's sent me a bunch to check. Good for her!

I took several bags over to June when we got home. Clothes and stuff. Hopefully she can use some of it, anyway...

Can't think what else. Did the recycling, and now am headed to bed.

Good night!
July 15, 2017 (Saturday) 01:32 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry Marilyn's knee is taking so long to heal!