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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Organizing, Cleaning and Downsizing. 
rosie robot, cleaning
I had actually planned to do some more yard work again today -- and maybe color my hair. But things change and I believe in being flexible.

This morning Marilyn and I had a discussion. I'm not really ready to discuss the details, but it got me to thinking about just how important it is that I seriously need to start DOWNSIZING our house.

I don't think I need to say that we have far too much. I always call myself a borderline hoarder -- and, yes, I know that I'm NOT really a hoarder. But I think we all fall somewhere on that scale, and I'm often high.

I have such sentimental attachments to the things around me, it's ridiculous. Things become more than things, they become like people -- or they represent people to me (or both).

I had been working on this in 2016, then got very sick. That was pretty much the end of this work. It's physically exhausting for me. And I often end up doing it in the summer (hot) months. There just hasn't been a chance to really tackle it again until now, anyway.

Here's a funny thing: I never seem to be able to just stick with one thing! I was working on clothes in my bedroom. Somehow I ended up in the kitchen. Then I cleaned out the ENTIRE pantry cupboard, from top to bottom. From there I ended up in the office, where I cleaned out EVERY SINGLE DRAWER of our desk! The center drawer still has contents, as does one of the bottom drawers. The other seven drawers are now EMPTY. I'm pretty proud of that!

Clearly all the contents of the desk had to go somewhere. I reorganized and put some of it away at my computer table/desk. I got rid of some of it -- either packing it for the Goodwill, to give to my friend June or threw it out. I even boxed up some items I thought we could use at the festival office.

Back to the bedroom, where I packed up two bags of clothes for my friend June, and several bags for the Goodwill.

While going through my clothes, I 'found' some items that had been 'missing' for several months. This is because I never finished my closet, so I'd put things into a basket and never pulled it out again to go through the rest of it!

I have several pair of pants I'm having trouble parting with. I really like them. And figure I should keep some, even if they're slightly large on me. But I want to get rid of many of these. (sigh) I put those aside late tonight, as I didn't have time to finish up today.

I also had some work for the office to do, and email to go through. But that's another story! Hahaha.

I did see some of Wimbledon today -- Roger played great!

Candy (our niece and sister Sue's daughter) asked if we could help her with her resume. Marilyn is happy to help (of course). So hopefully we'll get the info from her soon. She has a lot of experience managing a store and is terribly taken advantage of in her current position, so it's time for her to find something new.

I did go out to the garage and organized all the boxes and bags out there. I want them ready to go to the Goodwill when we have the chance to take them.

I had written to both Rich and Christine yesterday. And I heard back from both of them. Marilyn and I would like to have them down to stay at the beach house. Both agreed to come, which could be great fun, I think!

Marilyn's leg is very painful and difficult for her right now. She's read up on how to treat it, and she's supposed to keep it medicated and covered. That really makes it look nasty when she's changing the bandages. We both don't understand WHY she's supposed to avoid scabs, but that's what we read online in our research. The bone is definitely bruised, and the wound is infected. What a mess. Plus she's been training for her marathon, and this is a setback.

We had sliced up sausage and cheese with crackers for dinner. And I ate a little cottage cheese, too. Plus we ate a few peanuts. Yummy!

Well, I'm tired, so this is it for today. I didn't manage to write to either my friend June or Shari today, as I had planned to. Maybe tomorrow.

Donn is coming in tomorrow -- we have things to tackle. And maybe Kris -- I need to have a chat with him, too, about a couple of things.

Time for bed. Sweet dreams, all!
July 13, 2017 (Thursday) 11:41 am (UTC)
You have to be tough about downsizing. Not taking it from one drawer and putting it elsewhere. I have cleaned out two full houses and lived in an RV for 10 years. Now that was downsizing. No storage lockers either. Of course that is not the case now, but I was relentless getting rid of Roy's things. (tough one) Anyway you just have to be stern with yourself. If you really don't need it, get rid of it.
July 13, 2017 (Thursday) 10:16 pm (UTC)
I sent you a PM abt Photobucket's evils since you are a mod of seasonal_icons.
July 14, 2017 (Friday) 01:24 am (UTC)
I hope Marilyn's leg gets better soon!