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Another Day of Training (Wanda's First Official Day)

Marilyn and I didn't get to the office until around 10:00 a.m. this morning. Terrible traffic on the way! And there was SOMETHING going on -- police cars EVERYWHERE blocking us from going through a bunch of streets. I wonder what that was about???

I tried searching for information but couldn't discover a thing. I'm not kidding -- there were police cars blocking a bunch of streets! Oh well.

And now it's 3:30 a.m. and I just woke up in my chair in the family room. Marilyn was sound asleep on the sofa and the movie "Aliens" was just ending on the TV.

As for today, the whole gang went over to Starbucks for coffee. Then directly into staff meeting when we got back. I had to do a bunch of prelim stuff before we could start Wanda's training, so we didn't really get to it until past noon -- which is not normal. At around 1:30-ish we broke so she could get lunch.

Adeena walked with me to get a sandwich, then we went directly into Communications meeting, so I never ate a bite of it. I left that meeting early so Wanda and I could get back to her training.

Even though I had set up her 'secondary' Profile (name) late last night, there were other things that came up. We needed to logged in as Christine at the other front area computer, as 'Front Desk' was never Profiled on that machine! Annoying.

I spent some time resetting a bunch of passwords that needed doing. And setting up Wanda's cell phone.

Things were interesting in staff meeting, which Marilyn ran (Jeff's on vacation). There's so much to do right now!

Wanda and I just barely finished up her training right before 5:00! Hard to believe. I've never had training run that late before.

I was really tired when we were driving home tonight. Marilyn was too, after a day dealing with her injured leg which was so painful! And it's just hard coming back to work any time after being on vacation. But right now there's so much extra work to because of losing Christine...

I love Wanda! Marilyn had told me I would, and she was right. She a quality person.

I'm so tired right now I can't stop yawning. Good grief.

I had planned to phone sister Sue today, but there just wasn't time.

We stopped and shopped on the way home, getting cottage cheese and some other essential items, like cat food. We had cottage cheese for dinner.

I did send a note to both Christine and Rich. I want to stay in touch with them.

So much more I was going to say, but I can't keep my eyes open. I need to go to bed. More soon.
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