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Forgot to Ask! LiveJournal Top 25?

I keep forgetting to ask you guys!!!

Recently I got the following COMMENT to two of my LiveJournal entries:
LJ Top 25

The entries are:
June 29, 2017 (Thursday)
June 30, 2017 (Friday)

The whole thing seemed (and still seems!) very ODD to me. Um... I just don't get WHY my boring entries would be in the 'Top 25' of anything.

So, my question is: Has this happened to any of you, as well?

I read the Rating page they linked me to, but I still don't really get it. Just sayin'...

Very quiet day. We usually like to do something special on Marilyn Mondays -- and this was our first for 2017. But with Marilyn's poor knee all torn to pieces and bruised and very sore (plus she's just sore from the fall), that seemed ridiculous to me to even consider.

We watched TV, including Rafa Nadal's five set match at Wimbledon which he unfortunately lost in the fifth, 13-15. (sigh) And played with our iPads. And I napped. And that's pretty much it, which was fine.

Now I need to go wash my hair for work tomorrow, before heading to bed!

Yep. Vacation is over and we're back to work again tomorrow. And I'll be training Wanda, as I've mentioned before. (I just went in Remotely and created a Profile for her to tie to her Receptionist account...)

Talked to sister Sue twice today! She told us Larry and family want to move to Arizona. Seriously? She doesn't want to, no surprise. Candy says she'll take her back home again. Sue hates being alone all day. Not sure what will happen...

Sweet dreams! More soon (hopefully).
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