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Brunch -- Marilyn's Poor Knee!

After we all slept in, we got ready and went out for brunch.

Like last night for dinner, Marilyn picked up the tab (she's a very generous host to her friends).

We went to Pig 'N Pancake in Seaside, Oregon (the place where we signed the papers on our home more than five years ago).

[click on photos to see larger version]

Here's the entire gang at brunch!
Me, Marilyn, Carla, Gary and Patty.

Unfortunately, after brunch Marilyn stepped into the street to take a photo and struck a hole, which ended up with her falling down quite hard on her left knee. This photo doesn't really show how bad it is.


I'm concerned because there was dirt really ground into the wound -- and I couldn't begin to get it out when I was cleaning it. What a mess and very painful! She also abraded her ankle and hand, and injured her shoulder.

She's been training for her run in October. I have no clue how this will impact that...

We had planned to go play Fascination, but went directly home, instead. We visited for some time longer and all headed out late afternoon.

Marilyn and I ended up back in Portland around 8:00 p.m.

We came home to a surprise: the house was 92' inside!!! Yikes. So we immediately turned on the air conditioning to cool things down while I unpacked the car.

We could also smell something that had gone bad! I spent ages sniffing all over to discover what this was. A couple of ripe tomatoes went over, but there was no odor. Nothing was bad in the fridge or freezer! I checked bread and so on all over the house. You'll never guess what it was! The sponge in the kitchen sink smelled AWFUL! Clearly it was damp, the house was very, very hot and it soured really bad. Ugh! I still can't believe I could smell it all the way downstairs...

We did have a bite to eat, and now Marilyn is asleep on the family room sofa. I feel so bad for her! But there's really very little I can do.

We did have a lot of fun with our friends both yesterday and today. We need to do it again sometime soon.

In other news, Jeff did very well in his golf tournament, coming in second in his category! We're both proud of him.

And Adeena got her new (red) car to replace 'Pearl' (who was totaled during her recent auto accident).

Also, sister Sue phoned us when we were driving home to check on Marilyn. She went to a cribbage tournament this weekend with her son Larry.

And she informed us she was putting her house up for sale.

We're both uncertain about this. I think we need to contact Candy to learn more. We know they were behind in their payments, so it's difficult to know the actual details, considering... Even with Sue living somewhere else, we're not sure why she'd try to sell -- or even if she can.

Tomorrow (Monday) is our very first 'Marilyn Monday' for this year! For those who don't know, Marilyn gets her Mondays off starting in July and running through December. We always try to make the most of these free days. (Heaven knows she earns them with all her hard work and long hours from January through June!)

Tuesday Wanda starts and I'll be training her. Tomorrow Kate will be covering the front desk.

Well, that's it for today. We've had a lovely vacation!

Here's hoping all is well for you, my friends. Happy summer!
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