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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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A Quick Trip to Costco 
YIKES! I am really, REALLY late blogging! I just totally spaced it last night. (sigh)

As you can easily tell from where this appears in your stream, I certainly didn't blog in the middle of the night (as I usually do). Sorry, guys.

Friday was pretty quiet for us. We did a lot of laundry -- and especially things we want to take with us to the beach house.

Oh! About that: we decided to go on Saturday for our Saturday gathering! This all came about when we realized SATURDAY is the Rose Planting for our president for this year, Brett. That's an unusual time of year for the VIP rose plantings, but oh well!

Carla and Gary were not going to miss this (it's actually three plantings: our president, the president of the Rose Society and the current Prime Minister of the Royal Rosarians!!!), and Marilyn and I don't want to miss it, either. We won't go to all three, though -- just to Brett's.

So we're going to pack up BEFORE we go to the event and then leave directly after that!

We'll only be at the beach house for one night, so the cats should be fine until we return. They won't like it much, though!!!

Anyway, this is our "I Love Lucy" weekend that we've been planning FOREVER with our friend Patty -- and now includes Carla and Gary. And, yes, Marilyn and I are huge fans and have been since childhood.

It's been fun 'drilling' on "I Love Lucy," by the way! We'll do more of that on our drive there...

As for Friday, we did make a quick trip to Costco to pick up a few things. I've been supposed to go since April! And Adeena was going to take me back in May. But it never happened. So Marilyn and I went out.

Because of back and forth with Jeff about Brett and today's planting, we went quite late, so we miss all the samples. But that was okay.

We got a HUGE BOX of light bulbs! And the batteries that fit in our remotes for the Cable/TV (which are always dead, it seems). And several other things, too.

Well, I need to go pack now and get ready for the Rose Planting. I wonder if I should be wearing my uniform or not???

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!!!
July 8, 2017 (Saturday) 06:32 pm (UTC)
Hope you had fun with the planting!

For me, I've got a bunch of folks from around the world on my feed. So, your posts seem to fit in well. Just a different time zone...