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Hair? Done! Social Moment: Carolyn, Bill -- and (surprise!) Jeff

First off, it's 81' in the house right now, and I'm sweating bullets. I just changed out of one set of clothes because they were soaked, and now I'm sitting here soaking another set. Oh well. I did turn on the AC to give myself a much-needed jolt of cool air, but it's not much help so far...

Secondly, it's 2:40 a.m. and I just did the garbage and recycling (including the cat boxes) for this week. Yes, it's 'real' garbage week -- always welcome during the summer when the heat makes things stink during the period between the not-real garbage week and the real one. (sigh) And I'd love to hear a good solution to that one, all these years later...

After a chat with a household that deals with tons of adult diapers, I think I can better appreciate what a pain this is for so many. Yes, including those with babies, not just adults who need diapers. (Though adult diapers are much BIGGER than those a baby uses...)

I was up at 4:00 watching Wimbledon this morning for some time, before heading back to bed.

Marilyn got up and went to the track early. She ran two miles and walked another one. Good for her! Me? I was at home having a leg cramps. (sigh)

We had a pot of hot coffee when she got home with some of that cinnabon pound cake -- so good.

Then she had a shower and after I had a shower.

We went to Kathy's shop in time for my appointment. Marilyn took a new route to get there that was much better than June and I used. I'll have to be sure and tell it to June!

Kathy has flowers all over her yard, which looked so nice. She has a cute deck in the back where the door to her shop is located.

She cut my hair and we three had a lovely visit. And then she showed Marilyn her house, which is a 1930's home with many original features, like the leaded glass windows and built-in.

Her dog Lucy was friendly, as always.

We went to the store to get a couple things, then suddenly decided to take a drive up the Columbia River Gorge. On our way back, Marilyn suggested stopping for margaritas at a place in Parkrose that I've never been to, and I agreed. The next thing we knew, Carolyn and Bill showed up, and we all moved to a table together! Both of them are on our festival board and major volunteers. But they're also friends. And Carolyn is Marilyn's money manager -- and helped us to get our beach house.

We four are having drinks and chatting away and suddenly Jeff joins us! He had a beer but didn't eat anything (and refused a Margarita). He has an early tee time for his golf tournament in the morning.

I drank around a margarita and a half (not quite, thankfully!) and ended up a bit in the bag! When we got home I fell asleep sitting up at one point. We'd planned to come home and have a nap right away, but several things delayed me. I was certainly glad to 'rest my eyes' a bit at around 11:00 p.m., though.

I woke up around 1:00 and you know the rest. Hahaha. I'm still sweating like mad.

Well, I need to get back to bed. Marilyn and I plan to head to the beach house tomorrow. And I need to do laundry (which I should have done today!!!) and my pills and so on before we take off.

Vacation is lovely, that's for sure!

Sweet dreams, friends.
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