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Quiet Day -- Set Up Hair Cut

Marilyn went with Jeff to Multnomah Falls this morning (while I was still in bed). She'd warned him they would need an early start if they were going to climb up to the top of the falls.

For those who probably don't know it, Multnomah Falls is the most visited natural recreation site in all of the Pacific Northwest. They have more than 2 million people stop there each year to take in the views.

Jeff and Marilyn were there around 9:00 a.m. and it wasn't too bad going up. She has a fear of heights, and the path isn't wide. It's been years since I climbed it, but I remember it clearly! There's barely room for people to pass on the path. And there's really no room to stop and rest. So you have to keep on climbing...

They've been planning this for ages now, so it's about time they finally managed to go. Anyway, the total distance to the top of the falls and back is 2.4 miles -- so they got a good hike!

She phoned me on her way back. I was up and washing some dishes and so on. She told me she ASKED ME this morning if I wanted to go and I said no. But I don't even recall the conversation! Hahaha. I was that fast asleep. I was having leg cramps anyway, so I couldn't have tried it. And there's no place to hang out with so many tourists to wait them out. Oh well. Another time. At least I've done it before.

This was Jeff's first time EVER to go there! He's never even STOPPED THERE before now! That's hard to imagine for us as we go there frequently and have since we were kids...

I guess it was PACKED coming down again, which is no surprise this time of year. We often go there other times of the year when it's not as packed.

Marilyn and I had homemade coffee and half a banana muffin when she got back, along with half a Cinnabon Marble Pound Cake slice. Yummy!

Later we ate leftover baked beans and hotdogs (Hot Diggity Dogs) for lunch -- also yummy!

And we were playing Zuma, which after ALL THESE YEARS has never grown old for us. Or maybe it's just something about it being a game we've had forever, who knows? (smile)

Then there's Wimbledon tennis to watch! My goodness, but speaking of never getting tired of something: Roger and Rafa are amazing to see!!!

I did take time to phone Kathy McFallo for a hair appointment. She's opened a shop at her house now, off Interstate Avenue (which is close by our house, in other words). She'd had a cancellation, so could take me tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. -- and Marilyn can take me there. I really, really need a hair cut!

Can't think what else to share...

Did I mention I reached Hector by phone recently? He was sick (!!!) and unable to come out to work on the yard, I'm afraid... Sorry to hear that.

Well, that was our day, pretty much. I didn't begin to get any steps today, but that's okay, I guess.

Hope all is well with all of you! I've been reading (and commenting) a little bit, anyway. And plan to do more, too.
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