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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Accident Update -- Shopping -- Dinner with June and Jim 
First, there was an update to the news about the accident: UPDATE: Major Crash Team Responding to Fatal Crash on Marine Drive
The person killed on Friday afternoon was identified as 62-year-old Steven Ray Tomlinson of Camas, Washington.

Investigators learned that Tomlinson, driving a 2005 Jeep Cherokee, began turning westbound on Marine Drive from 148th Avenue when he was struck by 69-year-old Richard Ramsay of La Pine, Oregon, driving a 2015 Max Semi tractor trailer. Ramsay was driving eastbound on Marine Drive.

Tomlinson's vehicle crashed over the embankment on the northside of Marine Drive and came to rest on the bike path. Good Samaritan's pulled Tomlinson from the vehicle and attempted CPR but their efforts were not successful.

After colliding with Tomlinson's vehicle, Ramsay had a slower speed collision with a 2013 Audi Q7 being driven westbound on Marine Drive. Neither Ramsay nor the other driver were injured in the crash.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation and, once complete, will be given to the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office for review.

You can read the article online HERE at the City of Portland official website (or see the cut above for the copy from there).

Anyway, it's accurate now! That was all we wanted to see. I don't know who they talked to (it wasn't us), but they have the details straight.

I spoke with Levi AND sister Sue today, briefly. Always nice to chat with her!

Marilyn and I went shopping today at Old Navy. There isn't an Old Navy on Hayden Island anymore! We were surprised, as we'd never noticed that before. But we went to the one in Gresham. I got a couple of pairs of pants and some shorts. Marilyn got some dresses and some tops. Anyway, we got a lot of clothes at good prices and had fun. I got one pair of pants that cost $3.47! Can you believe that?

Later we went to dinner with our friends (and neighbors) June and Jim. We went to Red Robin and had a nice time. We always enjoy our dinners out with them!

After that we went quickly to Walmart to grab a couple things, then home again.

We watched American Ninja Warrior -- which was WONDERFUL, as always! We really love that show. Everybody pulls for everybody else to do well. The stories about contestants are amazing and heart-warming. And the actual competition is inspiring! You can't beat it.

I tried using the sprinkler system, but it has some MAJOR issues, I'm afraid. We'll have to water with a hose, I guess...

I almost forgot: Wimbledon started today (at 4:00 a.m.)!!!

I got more than my 4,000 steps today, somehow.

And that's it for today. I'll try and share more photos tomorrow -- we're headed to bed, now!
July 4, 2017 (Tuesday) 12:17 pm (UTC)
Glad they got the story right!