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Sunday of Vacation Week (Relax!) and New Mac!

It's actually nearing 1:00 a.m. But at least we're on vacation and can sleep in if we feel like it tomorrow. Hahaha. And I certainly DID sleep in this morning!

The sound of the garage door woke me, actually. Marilyn was heading for the Roosevelt High School track to walk/run. She did two miles (amazing, huh?). While she was gone I cleaned the cat water and did the cat boxes. Then she got home and washed her hair (showered).

And I took the new Mac computer Mark gave her recently and made room for it on the coffee table down in the family room -- which is right in front of her couch. It's crammed full of things, but I cleared a bunch off and set it up on the left side facing the couch. It's HUGE. I mean, it's like a big screen TV!

You'd think it wouldn't be that big a deal for us to set it up, right? Well... Look, this is our first-ever Mac. Thankfully we've had Apple devices, so there's plenty of frames of reference going on. And I'm not bad with computers, period (as we know). But it's the little things that make us nuts.

Like: there's no backspace key on Mac computers. WTF??? There's the Delete key. Weird. And the Command key (which appears in two spots) doesn't read 'Command' -- you're just supposed to know it's the Command key. I've always loved how Apple plays these little superiority games with people. 'This is how we do it. You should automatically know how it's done, and we're not going to make it easier for you to figure it out. And if you can't figure it out without help, then you are an idiot.' Okay, Apple, I guess I'm an idiot, because I don't automatically understand your crap. I'm glad I can reason it all out over time. But, boy, how you love to waste my time!

I may hate Microsoft, too, but they don't seem to waste quite as much of my time as Apple does. The arrogance is high for both, but Apple wins. And I've NEVER liked anything that makes anyone feel stupid. That's not how I operate! I'm always out to make people feel smarter and more confident. I know lots of other IT people who feel the same!

We're still reasoning out things right now. And when it asked for iCloud confirmation on the Mac it wanted info from one of our older iPads (that we rarely use) -- rather than our current ones (which we use every day). But NOT our oldest iPad. Go freaking figure that one! Hey, exactly how many times do we need to enter our Apple ID information before you figure out it's us and let us be good to go? I think this over and over again crap is ridiculous, Apple. Why do you make it all so damn hard???

And you wonder why people like PCs??? There's a damn good reason. I certainly wouldn't want to be dealing with Macs in the office, that's for sure! I've got enough issues with PCs.

We had a nice day. It's beautiful weather and we took a ride to Sauvie Island and had hamburgers there. Then we went to Hayden Island planning to go to Old Navy -- the store there is gone, though. We looked around Ross but didn't buy anything. We wanted new America tees for the Fourth.

I have a bunch more photos to share!

[click on any photo to see the larger version]

Again, random order, just selecting them from a gallery here...

Red Robin - June 29, 2017

Marilyn has good snacks!

Me, too!

I LOVE the burger with the fried egg
(minus lettuce and bacon)

Marilyn thought her onion ring looked like
a peace symbol!

I really ate up a lot of my burger
(and only took home this much!)

Sunday Parkways - June 25, 2017

Marilyn walked all over in the horrible heat
(checking out various booths and things)

I watched her from a distance, not up to
the terrible heat...

Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival - June 24

Fun times!

I got a good laugh!

With our friend, Gary!
(Matching shirts!)

Mugs from our friend Jan!
(We're going to keep them at the
beach house.)

Miscellaneous (Yard and Colin)

Colin stole this Santa Hat off
Marilyn's dresser!
Then tore it in two!

He likes the top of the hat best!
He stretched it out...

Colin often knocks books from the
bookcase in Marilyn's bedroom.
He ALWAYS gets 'Good Cats' every
single time! He won't let us forget!

Colin's fave spot, above Marilyn's head.
(On the couch in the family room.)

My rose by the garage looks so
great this year!

A large pile of branches I trimmed.
(In the back yard.)

There's our Whirly Vane! We really
love it!

More photos again soon!

Sweet dreams!
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