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Vacation! Summer! Angel and Kathy Drop By.

We slept in. At least, I did! Hahaha. (Not so sure about Marilyn.) The phone ringing is what woke me -- it was Angel. I'd asked him about borrowing some of his I Love Lucy books, so he was calling about that.

Angel and his wife Kathy came by just past noon and we visited for more than an hour. Very nice chat!!! And he left behind some books, which was sweet of him. We talked of getting together again soon...

I fixed Marilyn's computer -- her speakers haven't been working recently. I finally pulled it away from the wall (not easy!!!) and checked the plug in. It was loose. So it was an easy fix. (grin) Now she can hear the music and sound effects when she plays Zuma...

And we both played some Zuma today, too! (smile)

We watched some TV. And talked about taking a ride, but decided not to do that. However, we did run to Freddies to pick up a few groceries. We wanted more cottage cheese, for one thing. And got some watermelon and some other items.

Marilyn made her WONDERFUL baked beans today and we both ate a ton of them! Delicious!!! Really a taste of summer (and we always have them around the Fourth).

I also want to share several photos -- so here we go!

[click on these to see the larger version]

These are not in chron order -- because LiveJournal simply does not load things in order. I just don't want to fight it and hate spending ages trying to rearrange them. So it is what it is. Hahaha.

Oregon City Heritage Days - June 23, 2017

Christine, me and Xander at the
End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

Saw this wild rose!

Xander and me near some roses!

Marilyn with John McLoughlin
outside the Barclay House

Me with John Salisbury
at the Barclay House
He's holding the bear Marilyn bought me -- and went and
put on his own hat (we've named the bear John!)

Christine and Xander outside
the McLoughlin House

Marilyn with two living history characters
(she is obviously in the center!)

A living history character, Marilyn and

Lunch! I 'forced' Xander to get
a banana split (minus bananas as they
had none!) and 'split' it with me!

Christine by a tree at the
Mountain View Cemetery

Marilyn and Rolla
holding the book she's had for him
for weeks!

Me, Marge (Rolla's wife) and Marilyn
at the Mountain View Cemetery

Xander at the cemetery

Living history characters
(Denyse is on the left)

More roses (of course!)

That was such FUN!!! I'm so pleased to finally share some photos from that day!

MORE photos coming very soon!!!

We enjoyed our usual METV shows tonight. And we loved The Time of Their Lives on Svengoolie tonight -- it's a favorite of ours! We're huge Abbott and Costello fans.

Sweet dreams, friends.
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