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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Today at Work: Christine and Rich (Last Day) -- Donn and Kris (IT Work) 
This was officially Rich and Christine's last full day. So hard and so sad...

I had both Donn and Kris in today. Such a really BUSY day!

Marilyn and I didn't get home until past 9:30. Just so much to get done!

Donn moved Allison's computer to her new spot (between Calisa and Steven). She's coming in to train on doing audits tomorrow.

Donn also broke down three stations in the back -- removed all the computers and phones. Those areas are empty now -- we're going to use them to store Auction items for this year.

Personal note: Donn has offered to make us a headstone (tombstone) for Mom and Dad. He would carve it out of marble. He wants to do it for his costs (the slab of marble plus a drill bit) as a gift for us. Plus he says he'll still make us our sign for the beach house. He's such a dear!

Kris did a lengthy examination of Sheila's computer and recommended the same thing Donn had suggested: that we reformat the machine. No rush to do that, but I think that's what we'll do. She added a lot of extra softwares without permission and really slowed down the computer...

Donn and I went to lunch and had Chinese (I bought). I had green beans that were wonderful! A nice break in the day.

Kris and I met with Marilyn to discuss IT for a couple of hours...

I never got a chance to meet with Christine about the phones -- she was just way too busy. She wanted to make sure she had helped to transition everything.

I got to chat with sister Sue and my friend June -- and use TeamViewer to check out June's computer.

There was plenty of work today, that's for sure! I'm probably forgetting details...

Lots of steps today -- more than 8,000!

We're not far away from vacation.

And I finished another Clan book yesterday -- and started a new one last night.

Cheese and sausage with crackers for dinner. And raspberries for dessert.

Tired. Goodnight.
June 29, 2017 (Thursday) 11:24 am (UTC)
That's quite an offer for the headstone!