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5 Guilts Meme

I gacked Marilyn's '5 Guilts' meme...

What is mine?
Explain myself...
Culinary: Name a food... I love food. Period.
Literary: National Geographic I read it cover to cover. It's my 'bathroom book.' (I remember a college professor really dissing it...)
Audiovisual: Colin Farrell naked. In any movie or video (yes, that one)...
Musical: I love songs from cartoon shows! You know, like the "Friends" song from "Spongebob Squarepants."
Celebrity: I think I'd gladly screw celebs far younger than me... What's to explain? If the chance came around...

I tag:

beckyo, omgimnaked, ohmorningglory, just_jimbo, fatjoey and knightsarmatia complete this same Quiz, It's HERE.

And, yes, I'm still in a good mood -- even though I had a bad computer crash today! (What the hell... It's only several hours wasted and some annoyance. I refuse to get seriously bothered by it.)

I do wish one of the major things messed up wasn't my PSP9, though. (sigh) But I'll reason it out -- or take it in and get it fixed. Life is too short to sweat it...


Tags: 2006, april-2006, meme

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