CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Website Fun...

And so I took out the frames! Ta da!

Well, after years of hating frames and being entirely opposed to them, I didn't feel comfortable having them at our site...

So then a total stranger -- who was good enough to write to me twice in support of a free webservice -- made some points that reminded me convinced me to make the changes!

...and better now than when I'm so far in I'd hate to try working from scratch! (smile)

Anyway, the site is coming along. We've got literally tons of work to do still, of course. But I feel pretty good about where we are at the start.

Need to add links, links and more links! Link the websites of friends, for example! (You know who you are!!!) Anybody want to help me out and send/email me banners? (I'll understand if you're too busy. I'm just being lazy here, after all.)

Well, Marilyn's mistressmarilyn going through the whole final process of the Executive Search for her new boss. Very busy and stressful for her at work right now. Thanks muchly to those of you who've taken time to keep in touch with her. Those notes and ecards are a cheery touch for her. (Not that she's depressed or anything, frankly. Still, it's nice of you!)

Long, long hours at work, anyway. And now she can access her work email here at home and ends up doing even more work from home...

She's still managing to work out, even as tired as she's been. Good for her!

I felt sick today. Like I had an inner ear infection. And then late today my damned 'bad' knee start acting up again. Regardless, I'm going to start 'getting in shape' for the run we're doing in March! (I'm going to at least be in the Walk part, if nothing else. Knee or not...)

The lights are finally down off the house! And our gutters were cleaned again (at the same time). Christmas is finally officially over! (smile) And they took away our very, very dry tree, too.

I'd love to get a start on our other two websites. One is going to be 'family' oriented. We've already used it for some minor family links. But I'd love to scan and add some family pictures.

I sat with my CSS book and started from the beginning actually reading it. (Rather than grabbing it up at random moments when I try to find whatever I'm curious about -- which I can never do, by the way!)

Why, oh why didn't I take algebra in school? Never mind... I'd have had to do decently in basic mathematics, I suppose. And I was the type who hated math of any kind. That was the only subject I didn't do well in starting around eighth grade. (Funny, early on I was quite good at math. The 'old' math, that is. Long division and so on...)

I rarely look back and think I would have done things differently, personally. But I wish I'd pushed myself about math. Still could, I suppose. But... (ugh)

We artistic-types haven't got 'brains' on the correct side for math... (Or whatever.)

Speaking of art, it's been fun adding some of my art to the website (mentioned and linked above). Fun, fun. (smile)

Beyond time for bed, so...

Tags: 2004,, css, gutters, january-2004

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