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iPhone 7: Moving or deleting your App icon

iPhone 7 FAIL: Are You Kidding Me, Apple?

It's ridiculously difficult to MOVE YOUR APP ICONS on the iPhone 7!!!

No, I cannot make this crap up. Seriously. (sigh)

I installed a new App. As those of you with iPhones know, this goes to the last 'page' (screen) by default. If you use several screens, this may not be convenient. In my case, I wanted to move the App icon to the first/main screen. No sweat, right? We do this all the time, right?


You used to HOLD DOWN FIRMLY on the icon until it began to 'wiggle' and display an X (if it's able to be deleted, that is -- a whole other topic). Then you can slide it to the side and move it to another screen. Simple, yes?

Nothing is ever simple with Apple. Never.

No matter what the heck I do, I can't get that App icon to move! Instead, it keeps opening up the App! Are you kidding me???

It turns out that with the iPhone 7 you press 'gently' on the icon and then this will work. Press too hard and you're screwed. Once you press gently, your icon should wiggle and you're good to go.

You know what? It was NOT that easy for me to find the answer to this problem. Really, Apple? Every time I start to like Apple something STUPID like this comes up! And I want to beat my head on my desk. (sigh)

Thankfully I don't give up easily! So now that icon HAS been moved where I want it.

Now I need to spread the word, obviously. I hope somebody else who is equally annoyed will stumble on my solution and save themselves some grief.
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