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Yard AND House Work Today...

As it's currently past 3:00 a.m. and I STILL need to wash and dry my hair before bed (!!!), this will be quick (I hope). I was so tired that when I decided to take a 'nap' it ended up nearly impossible for me to force myself up again! Hahaha. I actually got a bunch of physical exercise today that wore me out... (I kept waking up and trying to get out of bed and turning over and going back to sleep again...)

Today Hector came by WITH A CREW (!!! -- so glad to see that!) to do our yard. So I went out and had a 'serious' talk with him. Then discussed it with Marilyn and went back out and told him we were keeping him and not to worry. (smile) He hasn't been doing a good job on the yard lately, I'm afraid. But hopefully this will improve soon.

This inspired ME to get out and doing some trimming. We always trim our own roses, for example. So I started in the front with the rose on the corner of the house near the garage. Looks good now! And I got it to stand up better and not hang near the garage door, which drives Marilyn crazy. So now there's a big pile in the side yard there.

Then I went out back to start on the rose there. It's covered quite a bit by tarps, and hard to reach. But I managed. And I saw how much the curly willow needed trimming, and started in on it! And then the pink dogwood. Then finally the lilac, which was completely blocking our Whirly Vane (that we bought years ago at the Arts Festival). So I trimmed it, too. And I just went back and forth until I had a huge pile of branches and couldn't do anymore...

As most of you will recall, I was very sick this time last year. And I was down sick -- literally DOWN -- for months. So it's taken me ages to recover. And I still don't have my full strength back. Partly because you have to get back to actually DOING THINGS for that! So this was good for me today. But, boy, did it wear me out!

Then I came in the house and chatted on the phone with Marilyn and fully intended to take a nap -- knowing I was working at the office on Wednesday (tomorrow).

But I got involved cleaning up under the table behind the sofa in the living room. We had a huge box that Clayton gave us ages ago, and I wanted to clean it out and get rid of it (finally). It's one of those huge plastic storage boxes and was FULL of stuff. All his festival collections from over the years.

There are some very cool things in there. And I just sorted and sorted and sorted until I'd emptied the box. But when I got done I was done, too. Hahaha.

I originally was planning to trim the front bushes, but I didn't even touch those!

Marilyn and Carol were meeting with the women from the One More Time Around Marching Band after work (at 4:00, actually). Marilyn phoned me on her way (she can easily speak hands free). She was stuck in TERRIBLE traffic trying to get there. Traffic in Portland has gotten so bad. And heading toward Vancouver almost any time of the day is bad. She was ending up at least twenty minutes late.

These four were going to have drinks and discuss the band. It just occurs to me that I never asked her what happened when she finally got home here! Hahaha.

I was actually trembling when I finished up my work. So I checked my blood sugar, but it was fine. I hadn't eaten -- I just wasn't hungry. I ended up having pistachios. Then I had cottage cheese and some chips -- yummy! And I let myself have a beer, too (I figured what the hell).

I was sitting and watching TV when Marilyn got home. Then I fixed more bowls of cottage cheese and we ate that for dinner.

We were watching "The Fall" -- but I was drifting off, so we quit. I don't know if she ever slept, as she was awake now when I got up (!!!). She's awake a lot during the middle of the night. I get that during tennis tournaments, but not all the time. I think it's the stress of work.

Our office is closed Friday because of the Jazz Festival. It's set up just outside our office (right by Marilyn's office!) and makes it impossible for anyone to work on Friday for the noise (it's loud). And after Friday, we're on VACATION (woo hoo) for the next week!

Both Kris and Donn are coming to the office tomorrow, so I'll be BUSY.

And on that note, I need to get cracking so I can get some more sleep before time to get up!!!

Sweet dreams. I hope you're enjoying your summer, folks!
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