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Difficult Week for Marilyn...

This will be another difficult week for Marilyn, right before vacation. Dealing with the fallout of our staffing change. No one wants to take on the summer receptionist job, so she'll need to arrange that through an agency, I guess. Well, she'll figure it out -- she always does!

It's pretty quiet around the office now with the seasonal staff gone. But there's certainly plenty of work to do!

I stayed home today and worked in my home office. Some website, IT stuff and catching up with my email. And making phone calls.

Tanya needed passwords -- Sheila's was changed (of course), but so was Tanya's. So she's good to go. She works two days this week and next week and then starts full time the week after that... She is NOT replacing Sheila, who was the business manager (that position is being eliminated).

Donn and I will be going in on Wednesday. We hope to meet with Christine about the phones. But have other work to get done, too.

Donn will be moving Allison's computer back to the center space in the back of the office. She'll be our summer intern working on audits and needs more space for that job.

Adeena and Jessica M. had their last days on Friday (Adeena is now on vacation with her family). Jessica has a very busy summer in front of her!!!

Marilyn was home late again today. We had fresh corn on the cob cooked in the microwave for dinner -- delicious! We ate dinner while watching American Ninja Warrior -- it was very good tonight, as always.

I think we'll be heading to bed soon, so I'm blogging earlier than usual.

I went back and read a bunch of my blog from last July. We ended up staying home during our July vacation and not going to the beach house at all. I was very sick (I had mono), and Marilyn was sick, too with her major gastrointestinal issues.

I meant to contact Rich today and find out how he and Merlin are doing with the heat this past weekend. And check with Christine about her move in the heat! Not sure why, but aside from work calls (many), I didn't make any personal calls.

Well, off to bed. I'm tired. I'm hopeful Marilyn and I won't go down SICK at all this summer. But it's so normal for people at our office to get ill after the festival ends. Fingers crossed, I guess.

I already feel better than last year, though, when I was so sick! And so tired all the time...

Marilyn could really use some time off! She's worked so hard and been under such stress. And now all this.

Relax, friends! And sweet dreams.
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