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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Hot -- Very Hot -- Summer Day (101' Today). 
sunflowers summer, summer
Today was a furnace outside, I kid you not! The high for Portland was 101' -- the hottest day of the year (so far). Portland, Oregon does NOT tend to have days in the hundreds as a rule...

Marilyn and I actually went OUT today, believe it or not! We stopped at Starbucks (the drive through -- we walked up) and got coffee and those egg bites we love. We had seen that Sunday Parkways was going on right around our house this year, so we thought we'd check it out.

So we went to Kenton Park. First we had to find a place to park -- not easy! Then we walked the several blocks to the park in the heat. And Marilyn walked all the way across to the opposite of the park (quite a distance!).

Then we drove to Peninsula Park and found a place to park again, and both walked into the park. We discovered the actual tents were set up outside the park, so we went back to the car and moved and found a different place to park and again walked over. So hot!!!

We got free popcorn from NW Natural Gas. We were going to wait in line for Shave Ice, but decided just to go, it was so miserable.

We stopped at McDonald's for fries and drinks before trying to come home. The first time we pulled on to our street they made us TURN AROUND (!!!). Marilyn was burned. We both just wanted to get to our house. But we drove around until we found a way here and that was good -- we were home at last!

I got my 4,000 steps today and Marilyn must have had at least 6,000.

The house was FABULOUS. It's just wonderful to have AC in this weather. It doesn't get the heat down too much upstairs, but it gets super COLD in the family room! We even had to pull blankets up at one point. (smile)

We watched TV including a good movie (can't remember the name). And then "Towering Inferno" which neither of us had seen before. Finally we're watching "Jaws" -- which happens to be a damn good movie, by the way!

Thought I should blog before we settle down for the night.

Work tomorrow...

I think I was planning to have Donn in on Wednesday (I don't remember right now why that day). I need to chat with Tanya tomorrow and check over Sheila's computer.

Anyway, that was our day today. So hot!

Sweet dreams and stay cool!
June 28, 2017 (Wednesday) 01:11 am (UTC)
Hope some cooler weather comes by for you!

Jaws is a great movie. Maybe some of the effects aren't as good as 40 years ago, but, the story is still an A!