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Oregon City Heritage Days with Christine, Xander and Adeena

As of late last night, Marilyn and I were unsure whether or not we'd go to the Oregon City Heritage Days event today (she really was having a time dealing with her IBS-D -- and I'd been up for hours during the night doing the garbage and recycling, then dealing with leg cramps). But we just really wanted to go TODAY, especially as we'd set up to do that with Christine and Adeena.

We had to drive in to the office and get gas, so I phoned Christine to let her know. And found out that Xander WAS coming along! It turns out that she invited him, he said no. She told him I was going. He said yes. I just love him so much!!!

Adeena came to our house and we three went to the office. Then on to Oregon City. We were expecting a VERY HOT DAY in the 90's and that's what we got!!!

The event was GREAT FUN! It was held at a total of EIGHT locations:
End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive & Visitor Information Center
William L. Holmes House (Also known as the Rose Farm)
Stevens-Crawford Heritage House
Francis Ermatinger House
McLoughlin and Barclay Houses
Museum of the Oregon Territory
Oregon City Municipal Elevator
Mountain View Cemetery

We made it to all but two of those: Museum of the Oregon Territory and Stevens-Crawford Heritage House.

Marilyn and I have been to the McLouglin House and Barclay House several times in the past. But Christine, Xander and Adeena had never been to any of these places before! We've also been to the cemetery and the William L. Holmes House -- plus the elevator! (The elevator is the only vertical street in the United States, by the way!)

We had fun together and saw a lot of wonderful things.

And we got to say hello to many of our friends from the Oregon City group. Including Rolla at the Interpretive Center (Marilyn got to finally give him his huge book on the Civil Way). He was so excited. And Rocky at the Francis Ermatinger House. He offered a ghost tour for the festival staff sometime, which sounds like fun! And John at the Barclay House. Plus Karin and Marge at the cemetery. Oh, and Denyse at the William L. Holmes House, just before we finally headed for home.

We ate lunch at Mike's (Rocky suggested it). It had a 50's diner vibe -- very cute! And good food. We had burgers and hot dogs -- and Xander and I split a sundae! (smile)

Christine was a very good sport. She hadn't wanted to go to as many places as she ended up doing, but Xander insisted and she went along. She's busy packing to move to her new house...

It was quite HOT and we got a lot of steps going from place to place. But what an experience! It was even better than we'd hoped for! And we were so happy for all of them!

It's actually 3:30 a.m. right now. I just did my meds, which takes forever -- especially when I have to open up new bottles (why is that so hard???). At least that's done for another week!

Tomorrow we head to the beach and the Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival. There are still more events going on...

And I just had another bout of leg cramps. So frustrating.

I need to share PHOTOS (still!). Hopefully soon! I got some good shots today...

Good night!
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