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Icon Gift...

I don't make icons for friends very often. (smile) But every now and then...

I think Kimmy omgimnaked can use something to keep her motivated while working on her current English paper. (grin)

So I made this:

I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on how to make a frame/border like that, which I think is rather pretty. (smile)

To be honest, I'm not all that artistic, so I don't think my icons would appeal to most people. (grin) So I usually only make them for those who ask me... But like I said, every now and then!

I need to get back to work now! I got a ton accomplished in the office yesterday and am working on the script today.

I've also taken down our Easter decorations and need to pack them away. (And do some laundry and a load of dishes, among other chores...)

It's sunny and pretty here today -- but cold! Brrrrrrrr. It's been quite cold lately.

I still have a couple entries I've started that I haven't finished (sigh), but I do plan to post them! (Right...)

There's so much going on right now.

On Easter Day I got word from my friend June that she had gotten a new cat, named Maggie.

June and Maggie

I headed over to see the new cat, which was scared and hiding under the bed. (I hear that! Shades of Scarlett. But it's normal with a new cat, even one that's not a kitten.) When finally pulled out to greet me, she was a really big cat. Big. (You can't begin to tell from this photo.)

June tried to pick Maggie up yesterday and hurt her back doing it. So much for Maggie. She's going back to the shelter. Not quite the lap cat June had in mind, I guess... (Fortunately she has beautiful markings -- which don't show up really well here. The Oregon Humane Society (In 2005, OHS received and cared for over 12,700 animals, finding homes for 96% of the dogs and 80% of the cats. In all 8,534 pets found homes. Their adoptions rates are impressive compared to the national average of 25% for dogs and 20% for cats. So chances are good Maggie will still get a good home. I hope so!)

Okay, I just talked to June and she said she'd taken the cat back and hadn't gotten a new one. (Sounds like she's changed her mind about getting one, too. Hm.)

Well, as I said before, back to work! (smile)

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