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Adam West Day on METV

Marilyn and I are big Adam West fans. And we LOVED HIM as Batman! The show first aired in 1966. We were both young enough to be able to enjoy the series in spite of the camp thing (rather than because of it), as we'd been huge comic fans of Batman forever by then. (smile)

An aside: You know, I wish I could thank our parents for always allowing us to read comics. They even encouraged it at one point, as they'd been into comics themselves at some point (I think right after they got married -- they were both quite young then). There were times we were teased about loving comic books, but we never let that stop us from enjoying them. It's been years since we followed any particular comic series, but we did so well into our adult years, believe me.

Adam West actually made a very good Batman. And we loved the whole Batman and Robin thing back when we were kids. What a handsome man Adam was! And that amazing voice!!!

We just got done watching the two episodes of Batman "Hi Diddle Riddle" and "Smack in the Middle." If you've never been a "Batman" fan (of the TV series, I mean), then you might not know that every story was TWO episodes -- which aired two nights in a row each week. Holy Anticipation! It was so hard to wait for the second half of each story!!! (grin) We just LOVED that show!!!

And we were crazy about the twisted bible of the series, which always had one or both of the Dynamic Duo being captured and tortured EVERY SINGLE WEEK! You should have seen everybody in our neighborhood acting out "Batman" -- including capturing and torturing these two. Hahaha. Marilyn was the Catwoman (surprise). And I was Robin. My first excursion into understanding my male side. I can remember what a huge impression it made on me to DREAM as Robin for the very first time! I was that 'into' being Robin (being male). How wonderful it is for a writer to have experienced both genders, by the way. I've 'been' male many times since then... (Maybe you've never seen me dressed as Han Solo... Hahaha.)

Anyway, I guess you could say Adam West and "Batman" made a huge impression on us as kids. We've enjoyed a lot of different Batmans since then -- and we especially like Christian Bale as Batman. But you know what? I think if I had to vote for my favorite, Adam West would actually win!

Adam West was actually a good actor. I know people didn't think so after "Batman," but it's true. Watching him in other things makes it quite clear. And we've seen him in many roles over the years.

We slept in today.

We went to Starbucks for coffee and saw Nicole there. She was very sweet with us.

We also ran a few errands, then went to the Safeway deli and picked up some food, before coming back home.

I had a long nap later in the day.

And we watched Svengoolie, which is usually pretty entertaining. It was a werewolf movie tonight, one I'd never seen before.

Now Marilyn is playing Zuma (woo hoo) while I blog -- which she hasn't done in ages!!! How nice!!!

Henry continues to ENJOY his eye ointment. And that eye looks the best it's been since before his issues last year!!! Wonderful! I'm glad to be able to do something that feels good for him and actually seems to help, too. He hated the drops we used to give him, which I assume were painful.

Well, that's it for today. Good night and sweet dreams!
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