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Basically a Quiet Day... Cold and Rainy!

Winter? No. But it was COLD and RAINY all day today! Ugh. It might as well have been a winter day...

It's hard to believe that it's June, that's for sure!

Marilyn looked nice today! She was wearing a skirt to work, which she doesn't do that often. But it looked really wonderful on her. Later she told me Suzanne and Jeff had told her she looked good.

I was yawning like mad right before she left. I was awake again last night because of leg cramps. So I didn't sleep at all well. I went to my bedroom and snuggled between two of the wonderful warm blankets we have. I always imagine the effect must be like sleeping between two soft furs. Especially when I'm reading a book like one of the Clan of the Cave Bear series (I'm on the third book -- I think it's something about Mammoth Hunters).

The first book is my favorite. And here's why: The subsequent books are like romance stories. Too much about men she wants and very detailed sexual encounters. Ironically, I find the sex pretty boring. Hahaha. I'm pretty sure that was the intent. But I still enjoy many aspects. It's a shame that the main character became a sort of super woman. There's nothing less appealing to read about than a 'perfect' woman who is beautiful, desired by two men and capable of doing everything and anything better than everyone else. It's not enough to have her be an amazing medicine woman. She also has to be the best hunter ever. And stronger than all the other women. Better at languages. And on and on. How Mary Sue of her! Hahaha.

So why do I read it? Good question! As I'm reading, I ask myself that. There's still something appealing. The author isn't your average writer of Mary Sue work. In spite of the heroine, the writing is appealing. But I think I read it very much in spite of many things, which is a shame...

I guess an interesting story CAN overcome bad characters. Her main boyfriend is something of a wimp. And his immature jealousy is annoying as hell (besides the fact that he appears to be a racist). Well, I guess I should quit picking the work apart and explain what I like, as opposed to what I don't!

I'm very taken by the early medicine descriptions. Fascinated by the way the cultural differences are explained. And the creation and use of tools are described. The more negative characters ring far more true than the so-called heroes do. And there's a certain fascination in spite of the redundancy of the story.

Or maybe I just like it because it's so familiar! I read the series such a long time ago, when I was far younger. Maybe I was less picky then...

I got the garbage gathered and out to the can (kept in the garage). And cleaned the cat boxes, too. This is odd: There must be something about the new litter that smells attractive! Last week I noticed the bag I put outside the garage was TORN OPEN. I also store these right beside the garage door outside, because no matter how well bagged they are, they stink. And I don't want the smell in the garage -- and certainly not in the house! This is only an issue now that we have to store garbage for two weeks, instead of having it picked up weekly. So I had to find something I could put on top of the bag to keep critters OUT and not allow them to tear it open. How ridiculous...

I didn't do much walking at all today. I spent a lot of time sitting and lying around. And I did nap, too.

I watched the usual shows I'm currently enjoying. Old re-runs of "Columbo." And "Diagnosis Murder." Usually that includes "Monk," too, but I didn't watch it today...

This was the LAST DAY for four people at the office: Braden (group sales), Caitlin (receptionist), Maleah (marketing intern) and Jessica P. (waterfront assistant). I'm going to miss them. I always feel sad when the seasonal folk begin departing...

Marilyn and Jeff had an important meeting today at lunch time. Discussing how this year turned out for the festival.

Marilyn and Jeff also went to the farewell gathering late afternoon for the four leaving.

I don't recall if I mentioned that Sue B. and her husband Dennis took off immediately after the Grand Floral Parade and headed back to Oklahoma (where they reside). She was such a HUGE HELP this year! And he was a big help on parade day, too. It was wonderful of her to fly out to assist us. And for Dennis to come for GFP.

I sent a note today to Bill, my Rosarian friend who takes their official photos. He's always so generous sharing these with me!

Marilyn and I ate leftovers for dinner tonight. And we ended up napping pretty soon after that. We had wanted to have popcorn, but slept too late...

We'll have the food we'd discussed earlier tomorrow (it was too late by the time she got home). And popcorn as we usually do on Saturday nights! We still need to pick up a few things at Safeway when we go to the deli tomorrow.

Really, Charlie???!!! I can't believe I just remembered to go in and change the schedule for the phone system at work! I talked to Marilyn about it earlier, but spaced it entirely! I should have done it on Monday. But I needed to do it BEFORE Saturday morning! The phones were set to be ON for both days for several hours, as they have been the past three weekends. Yikes. Glad I thought of that! Hahaha.

Actually, I'm glad I'm able to do work like that from here at home!

I did do some minor festival work today -- mostly email. And I didn't do it on the computer, but using my iPhone and iPad. Man, the world has really changed!!! Just sayin'.

But I'm typing this in my home office, sitting at my desktop computer. It's still the easiest way for many reasons. That's especially true if I need to Remote to the office!

Yet there's so much that can be done on mobile devices...

I also need to contact Jeremiah at Atmosera. He can totally switch our service back to normal now...

Well, I'm off to bed. I'm certainly glad I'm clear-headed at 1:30 in the morning. Hahaha. Even when I'm tired. Because that phone thing was pretty essential! And my memory is better than I think, I guess.

Which brings up another thing: Why didn't my Outlook at the office remind me about the phones??? It only did that the very first weekend, even though I supposedly set it to remind me EVERY weekend. Reminders on my Outlook haven't worked right for years. Annoying!!! I put things in my calendar to no avail. Hahaha.

I almost forgot! Henry's eye seems much better with that ointment! And he really seems to like having it put in the eye. I'm so glad. He's really suffered with that poor eye.

Colin was sneezing earlier, but seems much better. And I only heard Henry sneeze a couple of times this morning. So hopefully they're both feeling pretty healthy. Colin was RUNNING through the house again, the way he does. (smile)

Good night and sleep tight!
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