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Cats to the Vet

I need to get in touch with Jeremiah from Atmosera about the website. He upped our service for the period during festival. And he wants to discuss how long to maintain it. We'll go back and forth a bit and figure it out between us. He's an amazing guy -- such a huge help!

I need to get Donn in to fix Angel's monitor issue. It appears to be the video card. I think we have a spare on hand, otherwise he'll need to get one. He's got some other tasks he needs to get to, too, that we put off until after festival.

Tomorrow is movie day at the festival, so I'll probably be going in. I want the chance to say goodbye to the people who have their last day on Friday of this week. It's always sad when people who are here for the season are done working for us. It's nice to be 'staffed up' (as I always say) -- with lots of people around!

Today was another cold and gray day -- totally ugly. I can't believe how cool it is in the house! Another day where I considered putting on the furnace. But I just can't bring myself to run the heat in June!!!

I saw an interesting episode of "Diagnosis Murder" today: Dr. Sloan was pretending to be a priest to help out his friend, a sister.

Colin sneezed a LOT last night when he was sleeping next to me on the bed. But he seemed better this morning, running up the stairs. He didn't stick around, though. He's clearly still not feeling that great. He was down in Marilyn's closet in his cave sleeping for hours...

Henry seemed okay, but he sneezed a couple of times this morning...

Sister Sue called and we chatted a little bit -- mostly about the parade. Then she got Marilyn's number from me so she could call her.

I read the article in "National Geographic" titled "Why We Lie" -- it's fascinating!

I still love reading National Geographic! Such interesting and informative articles. I've been reading it since I was a kid.

I showered and washed my hair in the afternoon. Marilyn came home before 3:00. Our vet appointment was 3:30.

Then it was time to box up Colin. Good grief! He had a fit and hid under my bed. It was nearly impossible to get him out from under the bed!!! I have a huge box of family mementos stored under there. I guess I need to put all of that in smaller boxes and find somewhere else to store it, so I can clear out the space under my bed (which I'd actually like very much!). I wonder WHERE I could put those things? They're important to me -- and need a place to be kept. But it would be great to get them out of that spot, on the other hand...

I digress! Sorry.

We finally got Colin into his box, howling and unhappy, and into the car. He howled loudly all the way to the vet.

When we got there I called the front desk and they told us we'd be let in the back door. We've never done that before! Then we went into a sort of creepy room way in the back corner that we've never seen before.

Henry went first. His weight was really good -- nearly 14 pounds! I can remember when we had a terrible time keeping weight on him. He sat on my lap while Colin was examined.

Colin was not running a temperature. He didn't sneeze at all at the vet! But he was clearly congested, though not bad. It's viral -- so they can't do much for him. It has to run its course! He probably would have gotten better on his own.

Then they took Henry off to draw blood and clip his nails. He has pemphigus foliaceus, and is under constant treatment for it -- that's why the blood draw.

Finally I took the cats back to the car while Marilyn paid the bill. It was just shy of $400. Four HUNDRED dollars!!! I have to admit I was stunned. I wonder how families with other expenses afford caring for their cats... Little wonder we try to only take Henry in once a year (when they always do a blood draw). And we don't ever take Colin in unless he's sick.

Anyway, we got home and Marilyn and I were tired and ready for naps! We ate some food and watched a little TV. Then I went for a nap -- I can't say for Marilyn.

I got almost NO STEPS today. I was having terrible leg cramps in the morning and on and off all day. No idea why.

Well, that's was my day, pretty much. I know I promised photos, and I hope I'll get to that soon.

Sleep well, and good dreams.
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