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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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A Cold, Gray Day... 
brr, cold
Today was a cold, gray day. A blah kind of day...

I did emails (still trying to get these down at work!!!) and some website tweaks.

Marilyn was really too busy to chat today. She did the follow-up to the Bloom Project today -- going to their facility to turn yesterday's flowers into the actual bouquets today. (Marilyn said it was freezing cold there -- just miserable.)

Colin is very, very sick, poor cat. I got both him and Henry a vet appointment for tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 p.m. Henry, too, is sneezing. But for that matter, so is Marilyn -- and me, too. It's just been so darn cold!!! (I even considered turning on the heat today! In June!!!)

Here's the latest with my clinic (sigh). I wondered today where my latest order from Byram Healthcare might be -- my test strips and syringes. It's pretty hard to inject insulin WITHOUT syringes! I called them, and it turns on my clinic hasn't turned in a prescription for these. WTF??? You have to be kidding me!

So Byram sends a request (again). And I phone them. I don't get the feeling AT ALL that this is going to be taken care of. So I call Byram again. They tell me they're going to send the request AGAIN. And to call them back on Wednesday to check. It had better happen soon, or I'll be out of syringes!

I should have noticed sooner that the shipment hadn't come. But I guess the festival distracted me. Hahaha. It should have been here around June 5...

Hector DID come and do our lawn, such as it is. It looks pretty damn bad where he took up all the grass! And now there are weeds everywhere. And, by the way, WHY does he keep leaving behind a bunch of branches that have fallen out of the tree? He didn't get them last time, or this time. (sigh)

Rich was very upset with his wife today when we were chatting. I guess they've been fighting recently. Over a cat, no less. What a shame. And Marilyn told me he went home sick today...

Well, Marilyn hasn't felt well for the past week, but that doesn't keep HER from going in every single day without fail. And staying later than anyone (as she did yet again tonight). Go figure. I guess it's all that seniority she has. Hahaha.

I spent much of the day looking after both cats.

I refused to just let myself lie around and sleep, however. It just didn't seem right with everyone else working! (Especially Marilyn.) I'm tired tonight. She is, too.

I did clean out the mini-coolers we take to the Grand Floral Parade each year. WHAT A MESS! Because there was no place to put them, they sat in a dirty corner in the mud and just got filthy. They were a lot more work this year, I have to say. But at least they are now air drying so I can put them away. We rarely ever use them except during the festival. We used to drag them places sometimes, but it's been ages.

I'm so sick of getting all these 'Now that you're turning 65' items in the mail -- plus random phone calls! Wow, is this what they do to all people turning 65? No wonder it's so upsetting and confusing for people!

We've received a lot of nice notes, text messages and emails about the festival and especially about the parade. It really was a BRILLIANT parade this year.

Well, off to bed. Hopefully Marilyn and I won't really go down sick this year. It is pretty common, though, that people fall sick after the festival ends. NOT that things have really ended, yet!

This coming weekend is light for sanctioned events. But the following weekend is a big one! I think we should get a jump on our weekend Press Release/News item. I guess Rich didn't start that, if he went home. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow...

Sweet dreams!
June 13, 2017 (Tuesday) 11:22 am (UTC)
Now you're turning 65??? It starts at about 50 when you can join AARP. 65 really is a pretty big deal though as far as medicare and health insurance is concerned. I actually signed up for SS when I was 62.
June 14, 2017 (Wednesday) 11:30 pm (UTC)
Hope the cats are getting better!