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Stars in the Sky: Floats Back to the Float Barn

Marilyn amazes me. After our long, exhausting day yesterday, she was awake by 5:30 to watch Rafa Nadal win the French Open -- for the tenth time!!!

I, however, slept in until 8:45, I'm happy to report...

We went down to the office late morning and stayed for several hours. We needed to unload the car from yesterday and so on. When we got there we had to turn around and dash home to get the electrical stuff we'd left behind (my fault) to take in.

We went down to CityFair at 2:00 to the Kids Zone Reading Corner to hear the Clown Prince (Angel) as a guest reader.

Then we finally went home to get a nap. Marilyn really needed it!

We fixed some food when we got home and had a bite to eat before our 'nap.' Then we got up around 8:00 to get ready to head out to the float barn.

We were meeting people from the Bloom Project who were there to take viable flowers from the floats to make into floral bouquets to give to hospice and palliative care patients. The idea was to take flowers and repurpose them to bring pleasure to both patients and their families. (The Bloom Project was our official charity this year.)

We were home a little past midnight.

It was chilly out there, and I had forgotten to take a jacket. But it was okay. The night sky was full of stars and beautiful! It's fun to see the floats up close, even as the flowers are being taken off them.

Tomorrow maybe I can share some festival photos. I'm too tired tonight. (It's actually 1:30 right now.)

Poor Colin is sick. And now maybe Henry, too (who already has health issues). I guess we need to get them both into the vet this week. (sigh)

Marilyn and I treated ourselves with french fries from McDonald's on the way home. And didn't feel a bit guilty.

We didn't eat much carnival food this year. I'm not sure why. And we didn't ride the big sling this year, either... Oh well.

Tomorrow the museum needs to be torn down. And Court Headquarters, too. Yes, the festival is over, but there's tons more to do. And there are sanctioned events still to happen.

We missed the Opening of the Oregon Jewish Museum downtown today. Too bad. There's so much to see and do. And we're worn out and still need to rest, too.

More tomorrow...

Sweet dreams!
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